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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Made Me Happy This Week

There are of course big exciting events in every ones life, an example for us, we recently moved into our new home and that was huge for us! But each week small things happen that make us smile and along the way, they are forgotten about, especially if they are as simple as boiling the perfect egg (something I have never managed to do!).

I wanted to start a series of posts to document these little things, to remind myself as I look back over time of what made me smile each week. So, from now on, every Sunday night there will be a little list of things that may have seemed small but that made me smile. It is always a good thing to try and stay focused on the positive things in life, so each week I would love for you to leave a comment telling me what has made you matter how small.

Made Me Happy This Week...

1. On Monday afternoon as I left my mums, I stepped outside and I could smell Autumn! It is still technichly Summer but the air just felt different. I walked home smiling to myself as started to notice just how many leafs were changing and how the sun still felt warm but there was most definitely a chill in the air.

2. I discovered that I love peaches in salad! We never normally buy peaches but this time we did and I decided to griddle them and have them warm in a leafy salad with some balsamic vinegar...yum!

3. I found a wonderful new candle in Anthropologie today, I love it so much that it may deserve its very own little post right here.

4. We have been looking for a new smoothie maker and earlier this week we found it in the sale reduced by £15! Bargain!

5. A smoothie that Paul made for me while I was to busy to do it for myself, or to stop and honestly tasted like blueberry ice-cream! But a more acceptable breakfast version of it.

6. Our new fence was put up at the side of our house, there was a small one when we moved in but the gate didn't lock and it just didn't feel very secure. Now there is a rather high new fence that locks from the inside so I enjoy sitting in the garden much more now.

7. Wondering around Edinburgh when the Fringe Festival is on, there is such a fantastic energy in the city around this time of year.

8. Lying in bed watching the Great British Bake Off with chinese takeaway that Paul picked up for us on his way home from work, not the healthiest but such a good combination.

9. My new Honey bubble bath from the BodyShop. It looks just like honey as your pour it in the water.

10. Drinking tea in my Wicked mug.

What has been making you smile this week?


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  1. I love that you're doing these! It's great to document the little, but happy, things :D
    Peaches in a salad sounds amazing!


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