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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Today is...


In our house Wednesday means The Great British Bake Off, well, when it's that time of year it does. I am a huge baking lover so it without doubt has to be one of my favourite shows! I love getting to know the contestants as the weeks pass and seeing what amazing creations they come up with, seriously...some are insanely creative! Each and every week, within 15 minutes of the show being on we sit there and wish we had some tasty cake of our own, at which point it is obviously too late to start baking one, so we are forced to go without.

This week is of course no different and I haven't had chance to bake one, nor have I remembered to pick anything up from the shop. Thank goodness it's bread week! But because I always want cake here are some amazing looking things from Pinterest that I wish were in front of me right now! You can find me on Pinterest here if you would like to have a look.

If you have never seen the Bake Off it is on BBC One tonight at 8pm, I think you will enjoy it :)

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