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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

When Does Something Stop Being New?

So dear friends, I have a question for you...

When does something stop being new?

The reason I have been asking myself this today is because I have finally decided it might be time to take down the "happy new home" cards. They have remained pride of place in the living room since the day we moved in and this morning, I thought to myself..."should they still be out?" It isn't due to laziness (or the fact they hide dust), more the fact that this place still feels new to us, even if we have now been living here for a little over two months! It isn't just cards, I am same way with quite a few things...especially expensive make-up. For example, a By Terry cream eye shadow I was given for my birthday (also around two months ago) is still in its box. The box no longer serves any purpose but for some reason each and every time I use it, back it goes...into its box!

So, do you think it's about time for the cards to come down? How long do you consider things to sill be "new", and tell me I'm not the only person who keeps make up in its packaging for FAR too long?


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  1. lol you're not the only one! I have a few makeup items I still keep in the box even though they're used often. I'm not sure why we do this either...haha! I think it's sweet that you still have your new home cards! Two months still seems"new" to me :D


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