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Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Friday everyone and even more importantly...HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Sadly we aren't doing anything big or exciting tonight to celebrate, instead we will most like be doing grown up things like decorating the living room. But, we have decided that we will stop that at some point and watch something Halloweeny and eat probably far too much chocolate. There is a bag of Reese's pumpkins the kitchen that are just screaming to be eaten, if you are really quiet you can hear them! 

Do you have any plans tonight? Maybe a lot more exciting than ours? I will leave you with the pictures of our pumpkins that we carved last night, I am very proud of us.

My mum got a little too excited by all the pumpkin and thought we would be doing some baking...she was really just hoping we would be making pumpkin pie but no, they were destined to be carved and filled with tea lights.

Have a great night, what ever you end up doing :)

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