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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Made Me Happy this Week

This week October arrived and that mean so many exciting things. October has to be one of the best months of the year, it is always when you really start to notice the leaves change and feel a real drop in temperature. I love wearing coats again! Also it means that Halloween is very nearly here, I'm not sure what we are doing just yet but I am very excited. We are thinking maybe dinner and then some spooky activity in Edinburgh, there is so much spooky history in the city. will struggle to find a more terrified person than me, honestly...I hate to be scared! I haven't watch a horror film in over 10 years so it is a puzzle to me why I love Halloween so much. 

Made me happy this week...

1. A lovely delivery from QVC of some amazing Yankee Candles. All scents that I have never tried before and honestly...they are all wonderful. They will be up here very soon.

2. Ordering new sofas! I never thought that would be something I was so excited about but honestly, I can't wait until they are delivered. 

3. Stopping at Ikea for late night hot dogs and cinnamon buns. If you have never tried the cinnamon buns from there you must! I think they are my favourites.

4. Having a dog in the house again. It may only be for two weeks but the past 7 days have just been made so much better by having a happy little puppy here. Dogs really do bring so much to a home.

5. I know it has only just turned October but Christmas stuff is popping up everywhere and I am struggling to contain my excitement...I'm not doing well at it either.

6. Wearing coats and at night even scarfs and gloves, these little things make me so genuinely happy.

7. One of the best things in life have to be new pyjamas, they are as good as freshly washed bed sheets.

8. Having a lazy Sunday today watching films in bed. 

9. It being cold but still finding butterflies in the garden. 

Have a good week everyone 

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