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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Bonfires Night Treats: Sweet

I always associate toffee apples with this time of year, but...if I'm honest, I don't really like them. My first experience with one when I was little wasn't great, pretty sure I nearly broke my teeth! While I now have all of my much stronger adult teeth, and could probably manage a toffee apple, I don't want to risk it. Instead I prefer chocolate covered apples, who am I kidding, I prefer chocolate covered anything! I also think these are much quicker and easier to make, let alone safer! I don't love using molten sugar or trying to clean it out of the pan afterwards, and as far as I am concerned these are much prettier!

For your chocolate apples you will need:

Chocolate of your choice
Wooden lolly sticks
Any toppings you want to add

I used Gala apples because that is what I had in, and for 6 six small-ish ones I used 200g of milk chocolate to coat, and 80g of white chocolate as decoration. There was left over chocolate that I made into buttons -waste not want not. For toppings I went for freeze dried raspberries, white chocolate stars, popping candy -the obvious choice for Bonfires night and some edible glitter. The popping candy and glitter is my nod to the fireworks.

* Wash your apples and remove the stalks. After drying them make a small hole with a knife where the stalk was and push a lolly stick in about half way through.

* Set your chocolate(s) to melt in a bain marie (a bowl set over hot water), make sure that the water doesn't boil and that the pan isn't so full that it's touching the bowl, this can heat the chocolate too quickly and ruin it.

*Once melted dip your apples, or as I did, spoon melted chocolate over your apples -I didn't have a deep enough bowl to dip. When coated hold above the bowl of chocolate for a minute just to let any excess run off. Set aside on grease proof paper to let the chocolate firm up. Then you can go in with your other chocolate if you want to add any decoration.

*While the chocolate is still a little sticky you can sprinkle over any toppings you want. The popping candy is by far my favourite!

*When you have finished dipping and decorating all you have to do is leave them aside on the grease proof paper to set, it doesn't take to long but it will depend on how warm your kitchen is. That's it!

Another treat we like for Bonfires night is some kind of spicy cake with lots of ginger and cinnamon. The one we make changes all the time, this year we're using a recipe from Asda's November magazine, you can find the recipe online here.

I changed it a little though, this is what I did:

Added 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
Added 1 teaspoon extra of ginger
Didn't add and sultanas or any chopped stem ginger but if I had any pecans I would have added them.
I would also say for me in our oven, it only needed 1 hour, so keep an eye on it.

Perfect Bonfires treats. Be safe if your going out to a display and enjoy yourself :)

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