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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Made Me Happy This Week

{someone clearly can't handle the excitement of Christmas}

About an hour ago I squealed -an actual child like squeal! The reason you ask? I suddenly realised, (for some reason until now it hadn't actually dawned on me) that when I wake up tomorrow morning I get to open my advent calendar! (*jumps up and down with excitement!) And not just one, this year I have a chocolate one because lets face it, its just not December without a tiny chocolate to start your day but I have also been treated to a beauty one too. I honestly can't believe that tomorrow is the start of December! That means one very exciting thing for me -our tree goes up! :)

1. Party food! At this time of year, when the super markets are full of the tastiest party food for all the holiday parties we go a little crazy, really...we do. We don't have any parties planned -we just like to have lots of little bits to pick at for when people come round. We also sometimes have them for dinner -that's aloud right??

2. Hot cups of tea, need I say more?

3. Home Sense has opened in Edinburgh! I'm not actually sure when it happened, I only found it this week but I'm so happy. On our first visit I bought a decorative gold bowl and an absolutely beautiful star decoration. I'm not sure yet if its going on the Christmas tree or somewhere else, but I'm sure we will find a place for it :)

4. Doing nothing on Wednesday night. The past few weeks have been non-stop so when the chance to just sit down and relax comes along, we take it.

5. Black Friday sale deals from Topshop that include: a new onesie, some socks and a glittery jumpsuit.

6. Being able to play Christmas music without being told it's too early.

7. Saying goodbye to my best friends house. She has just sold it and has now moved into her new place, and it may sound sad (and it was very emotional) but it was a nice thing to do. We just walked around the empty rooms and laughed at the memories.

8. Venturing into a dark berry lip, I have started out with a gloss stick instead of going straight for a full on lipstick but so far, I'm really enjoying it! It's something I never thought I could get away with.


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