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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Made Me Happy This Week

One of my favourite things from this week has to be that Costa have released their Christmas range of food and drinks for this year. They officially launched on Friday but on Thursday night Paul and I went along to a little preview night and got to taste a little of everything, that is the reason for all the tiny cups in the picture above. After having a try of everything we did want to have a full size, Paul had an orange hot chocolate (very tasty!), and I went for a gingerbread latte -look at his little face! I'm sure I will have many more as we come up to Christmas. 

1. Can we all just take a moment to think of, and appreciate the new John Lewis Christmas advert! I really look forward to them when it comes to this time of year and once again they have not disappointed. I love Monty!

2. Paul has had a this cosy purple hoodie for a while now and this week I think it became mine -hehe. I have had it on nearly every night this week so now belongs to me. He doesn't mind though :)

3. Bonfires night. It has now been and gone, even though I'm sure there are still some fireworks being let off here and there. I do love fireworks.

4. Chilli dogs! Not something I normally ever eat but when it comes to Bonfires night I really want them, so that is what we had. Not the best for you I'm sure, but once a year can't hurt can it?

5. Pancakes for breakfast on a Sunday morning -with cookie spreads, my new favourite.

6. Nearly the entire new Costa Christmas range, I can't choose just one thing.

7. The very early dark nights, I know it will start to get even earlier but I do enjoy them.

Happy Sunday :)


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