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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Made Me Happy This Week

We are getting so close to Christmas now that it's becoming hard to talk about anything else, not that I mind one bit! This week has been another one of those weeks at home, no trips anywhere far, no long days out just lot's to do at home and honestly, I've been so very grateful for it. With the "weather bomb" exploding over the country and the wind being so strong at times that I couldn't walk against it -I was glad to be at home!

1. Snow, frost and ice! The past week has been very wintery and because of the frost, also very beautiful. Sadly its gone now because it has rained and become a little milder but I've been told it's going to get chilly again soon.

2. Recipe testing for the Christmas hampers, some are foolproof recipes we have used time and time again but there is no harm in brushing up on our baking just to be sure -and having lots of extra nibbles in the house is no bad thing ;)

3. Small dog cuddles.

4. Driving past smoking chimneys on the coldest of nights. You can just imagine the people inside all snuggled up beside their fires.

5. This week I made gift tags to go on our Christmas presents, they will be up here very soon! I'm so pleased with how they turned out, they were totally worth the extra effort of making them.

6. Getting Christmas cards in the post. With everything being so focused on technology these days it feels really special when you receive a hand written card or letter.

7. Home-made spiced orange hot chocolate -thank you Pinterest :)

8. My "12 Days of Christmas" posts started again, they have become a favourite little tradition of mine.


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