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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Made Me Happy This Week

Well...that's it! Christmas has been and gone and I'm left feeling a little sad that it's all over, a little sad and full (sick of) of turkey! But instead of focusing on the sad we have been focusing on the good. Our first Christmas in our new home was a resounding success and everyone had a wonderful time -I can't wait to do it again :) We have spent the last few days living in our pyjamas -seriously, today was the first day I have worn clothes since Christmas day. That's what the holidays are for though right?

1. Christmas Day! I had been looking forward to it for soooo long, I'm a little sad that it is over for another year but happy that we had such a wonderful day when it was here.

2. I don't normally like spending day after day in my pyjamas but around Christmas holiday time I love it! I feel it's almost mandatory really.

3. Having surprise guests for dinner on Christmas Day, my brother turned up last minute as did a friend of ours...good thing we had plenty of food!

4. Long lazy mornings in bed. Because we haven't had to wake up for anything we have been waking up some time between 7.30am-9am and then just deciding to go back to sleep (is 11am to lazy?). I am choosing to believe that it's ok to sleep so late just now because we were sooo busy before Christmas, making up for lost sleep in a way.

5. Buying our cards for next year. It sounds crazy I know -my mum laughed at us when I told her, but we bought all of our Christmas cards for next year in the sale at 50% off. Now that is what you call organized!

6. Afternoon baths with festive bath bombs.

7. Delivering presents on Christmas Eve. It always makes me so happy :)

8. Coming up with tasty ways to use up the left over turkey. No cold turkey sandwich's for us that's for sure.

Are you enjoying your holidays??

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