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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas to do List!

And with the 13th of December comes the start of 12 Days of Christmas posts right here! Over the past couple of years it's become one of my favourite ways to count down the into the last few days and a fun way to share lots of Christmas related bits with anyone who cares to have a read :)

Much like last year I wanted to start this years "12 Days" with a list, for a few reasons -a) I just really enjoy making and reading lists -b) we still have a few festive activities we would like to do and what better place to make note of them than here, and -c) to share some of what might be making an appearance on here too. 

So without further ado... lets begin!

1. Paul and I have still to have a trip into Edinburgh to wonder round the Christmas markets, eat far to much tasty food, drink far even more mulled wine and maybe go ice-skating. (I say maybe, because Paul has never and isn't sure if he will ever try it -he is scared to lose his fingers! -yes, so I may be going solo) With life being quite busy this year, just haven't had time to go through together yet so hopefully, it will be very soon!

2. Finishing off my hand made gift tags. They are drying as we speak and once they are done I can start adding them to our gifts. 

3. Finish making our wrapping paper. I have left present wrapping quite late this year but as I said, its been a busy one! Last year I made our wrapping paper, you can see here if you like, and because I was so pleased with it I wanted to do it again this year too...also why I wanted to make the gift tags -Christmas crafts are the best!

4. Make our apple chutney. It's a new recipe and if it goes well it will be up here soon, I'm sure it will, I have complete faith in Ina Garten. It's something we like to have in the fridge for this time of year, it keeps well and goes with so much -like the various cheeses our fridge is full of at the moment! 

5. Making gingerbread syrup -what could be more festive! We enjoy a coffee in this house and it's not something we always buy, but for Christmas we usually have coffee syrups in the cupboard. Because we make hampers for friend and family each year, we thought it would be a nice addition to them and I thought it would make a very festive post too :)

6. As well as our festive day out we also have a few festive nights in planned, some with friend and family, some just the two of us. All of them including Christmas films, various party food and snacks (Christmas chocolates are a must) and something tasty to drink I'm thinking different takes on hot chocolate -yum. 

7. Do some Christmasy baking. We have bought our desserts for Christmas day this year, normally I would make them but this year I'm opting for the easy option. I do however want the house to be full of cupcakes and biscuits (Paul's chocolate chip shortbread!) for when people call round. Plus I really enjoy baking, especially at Christmas :)

So that's a few of our plans, I'm hoping to do all of them and maybe some more if we get the chance. 

Let the countdown begin!

12 Sleeps To Christmas!

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