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Monday, 15 December 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas - Gift Tags

Now we have our Christmas shopping done (well almost, still one or two little things to pick up) comes one of the best parts -wrapping them! I have to admit that sometimes I can get a little carried away when it come to wrapping, I have to stop myself buying ridiculous amounts of ribbon, tissue paper, glitter, confetti and anything else that I can think of to wrap into a pretty little parcel. If we had a house big enough I would have a room dedicated to gift wrap...but we wont get into that now. 

Last year I made my own wrapping paper and not only did I really enjoy doing it, I loved the home-made look of it -I also think it was very pretty :) So I was definitely planning on doing that again this year and seeing as I was in a particularly crafty mood I wanted to do something else too. The next obvious choice being to add gift tags!

These are really simple to make! You can change the colour of the clay, the shape you use to cut out your tags or the paint you use to add the greeting, that way you can match it to your wrapping. I wanted to keep ours very simple with a rustic look to match our paper, so I used plain white modelling clay and black paint but really...the possibilities are endless!

What you need:

Modelling clay
Black paint
Small letter stamps
Cutters, any shape you like
Rolling pin
Knitting needle or similar for making the hole.
Chopping board (or any other flat surface your shapes can dry on)

-Take some of your clay and start to roll it out to your preferred thickness, I went for around 5mm but I wasn't being precise. Then start cutting out your shapes. As you go on cutting, transfer your shapes to your chopping board and keep going until you have as many as you need.

-Take your knitting needle (or tool of choice) and make a small hole in each of your tags, this will be where the string goes.

-Take your newspaper and pour out a small puddle of your paint -you really don't need much at all! The paper will suck out any extra moisture from your paint so it shouldn't be too wet when you go to apply it to your letters.

-Take a small ball of your clay, around half the size of a gold ball and pinch the top while pressing the bottom of it on a flat surface. This gives you the perfect little tool to add paint to your stamps. (Doing it this way means you don't over load your stamps with paint, in the end that gives you a much better finish)

-Start dabbing your paint on your stamps being careful not to add too much and press on to your tags. 

-Once you have finished adding your greetings, that's you done! You now just have to leave your clay to dry, this will depend entirely on what clay you've used. Mine took around 3 days, but there are much faster drying clays out there...or oven bake options if your short of time.

I hope this has given you some festive inspiration :)

10 Sleeps to Christmas!

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