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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas - Films and Snacking

We do some serious film watching at Christmas time! It's one of those things I love about the season, a) it makes me feel a little sad to watch Christmas films mid-summer so we need to make the most of them now, and b) its dark by 4pm so we have no problem getting our pj's on and curling up under blankets. We still have lots to watch (and re-watch) and it got me thinking of snacks we like to have with them. We have major sweet tooth's in this house, hence why Nutella is a stable and always will be! These are some of our favourites...

Popcorn - I never used to be a lover of popcorn but it has really grown on me these past few years. I think it's a good option for when you want to be that little healthier with your snacking. I know there are some really not so good for you popcorn's out there but what we like to do is always have bags of kernels in the cupboard.

Chocolates - I have to really try to not eat as much chocolate as I would actually like to, I sometimes feel that if it were possible I could live on it...but that would probably make for a very unwell me! There is no particular chocolate of choice for us, but Cadburys is always a good choice :)

Cheese - If we are in a mood for something savoury then we always go for cheese and crackers. This time of year we also have a few different chutneys in the fridge too.

Pretzels - Crunchy salted pretzels are addictive! But they are great for watching films with and our favourite ways to eat them are with cheese -melted or otherwise (amazing dipped into melted Camembert) and with melted chocolate or Nutella. The combination of sweet and salty is always a winner!

Home Baking - We quite a lot of the time have some baked goods in the house but our favourite for watching films with are these cookies or Paul's amazing brownies. It can be too messy to eat a slice of cake so pick-up and bite snacks are the way to go.

What are your favourite snacks for film watching??

8 Sleeps to Christmas!

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