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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{bright spring flowers against the frost}

This week has been full of not so happy or difficult moments but after each has come something lovely. For example...after a particularly stressful, anxious, really rather horrible Thursday morning, Paul made the afternoon utterly perfect to make sure I was fully cheered up (he is sweet like that). He had taken the day off work for me and we spent the afternoon cuddled up in bed watching a couple of films -with some cookies and cups of tea, then later he made us a very tasty dinner. Nothing fancy, the kind of un-photogenic comfort food that cheers you up. So all in all just a peaceful afternoon at home -exactly what was needed.

1. I have stolen Paul's pyjama bottoms! I seem to acquire more and more of his pyjamas as time goes on but he encourages it so it's not really my fault. I also love wearing them, there is something comforting about it.

2. The beautiful frost every morning. It has been bitterly cold recently, the kind of cold that leaves your fingers burning when you go back inside to get warm (does anyone else like that feeling?). I find snow and frost so very beautiful so it's been lovely waking up to it.

3. Orange and yellow roses. It may not be Spring quite yet but it makes me happy to have some bright colours around.

4. My new favourite nail polish combination -dark with a little bit of glitter.

5. Another Sunday of film watching, it seems to have become a habit but is there a better way to spend a frosty afternoon I ask you?

6. Pastel coloured sky's late in the afternoons, such beautiful colours I find myself watching slowly change.

7. Nutella! We have had it on nearly everything this week. Our excuse is that we are just trying to use up the jar -who are we kidding!

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