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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Two New Palettes

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas and was gifted two of what are now my very favourite palettes, one being the most perfect everyday fail-safe go to. The other being able to create the most amazing evening smoky eyes. I love being given make-up for Christmas. I am one of those people that if I don't really need it -I will try and not buy it! So it's lovely to be given something you end up truly loving!

Naked 2 Basics

When the original "basics" palette was released I wasn't really all that interested, I had a little look and play with it when I was in stores but it wasn't one I would have bought. As with the larger Naked's I prefer the cooler tones (Naked 2), I feel they suit me better. So when this lovely little thing was announce I knew I would love it, but at the same time convinced myself I didn't need it (I was totally wrong on the part!). Since opening it on Christmas morning it has been my go-to palette nearly every day. It is a perfect make-up bag size for if you have to travel with it and it offers you so much choice -and if you do want to build up a darker look you can do that with the shade "Undone". Each shade in the palette is matte and they all have a taupe-ish feel to them -taupe shades are one of my favourite to wear.

Laura Mercier Smoky Suede Palette

I knew that I was getting this for Christmas so it wasn't a surprise, but that didn't make opening it any less exciting! Each year my friend and I instead of coming up with what we think the other would like, we go out for the afternoon and decide on something we both like and buy it for each other. It has become a tradition now and we look forward to it each year.

We had spotted this online before seeing it in stores and knew straight away this was the gift. What we hadn't realised until seeing it in stores was that it's a cream shadow palette -this made me love it all the more! I have never tried any Laura Mercier cream shadows but they go on and blend beautifully. They don't come up patchy (like the Maybelline colour tattoos sometimes can) and give a very professional looking finish. I find on me however that they crease very easily without a primer! I can't comment on the shadow sticks or other products in the range but the ones in this palette do. I have used this during the day as well as you can blend the colours out so they aren't as intense and the lightest colour in the lot is such a pretty-all-over-lid-shade. A real shock for me with this palette was the brush! It is a very soft, great quality brush and the pencil end is perfect for doing smoky liner or smudging under the eye. A nice change from normally finding lesser quality brushes in palettes.

 I'm not sure if this particular palette was a limited edition, I have found people online saying it is and it isn't, but it still appears to be in stores so if you like the look of it you should still be able to find it :)


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