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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

9 Years Today...

Today marks nine years of Paul and I being a couple. It really makes we giggle when we say numbers like that because it doesn't feel as if it could possibly be that long -but, on the other hand, sometimes I feel as if I've known him forever! We have actually been friends for nearly 16 years, really we have grown up together, so in a way I guess I have.

I didn't plan on doing a post about our anniversary and we don't have any real plans to tell you about, in fact, I think what were planning for tonight is an evening on the sofa with some films and mac n cheese. Even though we have no huge plans I still like that we do something to celebrate. Without sounding too soppy, they really have been the best years of my life so they deserve to be noted when this day rolls around each year. Also because I feel so incredibly lucky to have Paul in my life, he is the most wonderful, loving person and it makes me smile every day just to know that he's there.

I hope you all have a lovely night, I'm off to get cuddled up on the sofa :)

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