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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies

Just before the beginning of December we bought a massive bag of pecan halves (verging on ridiculous really), they're one of my favourite nuts to eat, especially when we have lots of cheese in the house  -which we always do in December. Even with my constant snacking and using them in so many different ways, we still ended up with a huge amount left over and I thought they should be put to good use! I headed straight to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and came across these utterly amazing sounding little cookies, I immediately (after pinning) stopped searching and whipped up a small batch to try. They were such a success I made a full batch and trust me...they didn't last long!

You can find the recipe I used here, it's so perfect that I made no changes of my own. Even the amount of icing! Normally I find myself making double or even sometimes more than what a recipe calls for, but with this recipe there is a very generous amount for all the cookies (and eating). From finding these cookies I've also found so many more things on Ashley's blog that Id love to try out! You should have a look too.


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