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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

This week I've been slowly but surely getting back into some regular exercise and I'm feeling all the better for it too! We didn't get involved in the usual healthy January kick that everyone starts, we chose to ignore it really. But that gave us time to think about what we wanted and things we wanted to change, and to make some long term plans not just short term resolutions (also it gave us time to use up all the left over Christmas food and chocolate!) We have fallen into some really bad habits such as not moving as much as we should and we are making a real effort to change that. Can we also just take a minute to appreciate the picture above? Nature is honestly amazing, the beauty sometimes seems magical -no filters needed!

1. The sun being up much earlier. It's no secret that I love Winter but I have to say, I'm glad it's starting to get much lighter much earlier in the morning. Its hard to "get up and go" when it's dark and you want to go back to sleep.

2. Eggs! Such a a random thing but we have been eating them different ways all week, which I am enjoying because I have an on-off relationship with the little things. Sometimes I can't think of anything worse to eat then other times I love them...odd, I know.

3. I am absolutely loving (maybe too much) the smell of our new laundry detergent! I washed our bedding with it at the beginning of the week and when I got into bed that night the smells was so good. Clearly I'm easily pleased, if you are interested it was Surf Wild Flowers and Morning Dew.

4. Spring fashion, it's a great time of year when the sales finish and the stores are again full of new exciting stock -and lots of pastel shades.

5. Looking at new BBQ's and planning for Summer get togethers.

6. Cheddar flavoured popcorn, I have become obsessed! It's my new favourite snack and on a side note...its not bad for you so guilt free snacking :)

7. A coffee and a catch up this afternoon in a local cafe after snapping up the last table in the place! It makes the lattes taste even better.

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