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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Wishlist: ASOS

ASOS wish lists are one of my favourite blog posts to read, especially when I'm in a mood to do a bit of online shopping. Because the site is so big, I don't think I've ever had time to make my way through he whole thing - however, I've given it a good go on occasion. This is some of my current wish list, it's far to long for me to include everything so I've just picked out some of my favourites. That "saved" option they have is a dangerous thing let me tell you, I dread to think what the total of my imaginary basket comes to!

Maybe this will give you some inspiration or show you some things you've missed while you've been browsing the site.


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Made Me Happy This Week


Hello, have you had a nice Sunday? We've had a lovely day with our best friends. We turned up at their house early for breakfast -bacon rolls on a Sunday of course, and have had a lovely laughter filled day with the occasional cup of tea and triple chocolate muffin. We took look of pictures of our baby niece and chatted while she slept so all in all a very enjoyable Sunday. A perfect end to a lovely week, so lovely in fact that we are going to make it a Sunday thing.

1. My chicks with glasses (pictured above) have been making me smile all week long! I've never seen them with glasses and bow ties before so when I spotted them I had to bring them home with me.

2. We got our first Easter eggs this week! I love Easter, I always get a little over excited so had the biggest grin on my face when we were given them. I always like to keep my eggs until the big day, Paul however doesn't live by this rule and has already eaten 1 and 1/2 -he's going to have nothing left for Sunday at this rate.

3. Eating at our dinning table with our new Spring table runner, handmade by myself (here if you want to see). It's made me want to always have the table dressed for the season or a special occasion to make eating at it much more enjoyable.

4. Buying teenie tiny baby clothes for our little niece. Why is it that when thing are shrunken down to miniature they are too adorable to resist??

5. The 70's style that's everywhere at the moment, I love seeing it. The 1970's has to be one of my favourite decades for fashion.

6. My new super fluffy cosy house cardigan from my super thoughtful mum, It's a huge over sized hooded robe type thing and its even got ear. I think I could live forever more in pyjamas if it was acceptable.


Friday, 27 March 2015

DIY: Easter Spring Table Runner


I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Easter, it's full of pastels shades, pretty patterns and of course the obvious, egg shaped chocolate. As much as I love it I feel it's a holiday we neglect slightly in this house, we never have decorations or painted eggs on show, we really just celebrate by enjoying all the holiday related treats. This year however I want to change that, along with the fact that we never have a sit down Easter meal, so to start with and to incorporate both of these things I wanted to make a DIY table runner. Of course you can buy them but I think an Easter specific one can be quite hard to find, plus I love handmade elements around a home, and the rustic look of using the burlap material. Also this one isn't Easter specific so I plan on keeping out for the whole of Spring :)

It's a very simple design and using the burlap fabric lends its self to a more messy look so if things aren't too precise it won't matter all that much.

You will need:
A length of burlap material (will depend on you table).
Two length of ribbon, the same length as your burlap.
Tape measure .
Needle and thread.


To start with measure your table and cut your burlap to the size you want, our table is 110cm long so I used a 2m length of fabric so I had a decent drop on either end. Once you have your length cut your two pieces of ribbon to the same size and place them on top to find out exactly where you'd like them to be.

When you know where you want them you can start marking out with your chalk where you want to cut. I made small marks every four inches but this is entirely up to you. When you've made all your marks you can make small cuts, try to make them the same width as your ribbon. When you've finished making all your cuts you can weave your ribbon through. I measured mine out so that at each end of the runner, the end of the ribbon was underneath, I think it gives a neater finish.


After your ribbon is in place, make sure it hasn't twisted as you've been pulling it over and under through your fabric and check everything is laying flat. Now you want to make small stitches where the ribbon comes through the cuts -a colour of thread that won't show will be best, this is just to make sure everything stays in place over time. If you have any chalk marks remaining you can dust them off with your finger.


And that's it! I have to admit while this is a very simple project, but such a lovely addition to any table. The stitches can be a little time consuming, but on the plus side its very therapeutic, and you don't need many. I did also try this very a strong glue but the stitches do give a much neater look to the finished runner -glue can get a little messy!

I think our first Easter lunch will look lovely set out on this -now I just have to figure out what to make!

p.s chicks with glasses are optional


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Spring Make-up Update

Now that we've officially made our way (thankfully) into Spring, I thought my make-up bag could do with a little bit of an update. In an effort to lighten everything up and embrace fresh natural looking make-up and step away from the darker Winter shades -that to be honest, have been in my make-up bag far too long now, I picked up some new things.

Blush: From the end of last Summer I have pretty much, apart from the odd few times been exclusively using Nars "Orgasm". The main reason is laziness to be honest with you, Its been in my make-up bag so it saved looking out a new one. I wanted a brighter paler pink, something that could look very natural and pretty without shimmer through it. I ended up with one of the Lo'real True Match Blushes in "Rose Pastel", I've only used it twice but am loving it so far and it has given me exactly what I wanted. I also picked up one of the new Real Techniques brushes because it was too pretty to resist!

Lips: I spent a while looking for a lip colour as I didn't want to come away with anything I would have normally chosen -my hand covered in swatches by the end of my search. After deciding, I went with Bourjois Color Boost in "Peach on the Beach". It's one of those chubby pencil products with a glossy finish, and the shade is a bright peach. I've been wearing a little over some Eight Hour Cream for a hint of colour but as we get into Summer I think it will look lovely applied more heavily. It also claims to be waterproof but I haven't tested that out.

Eyes: I have been wearing black eye liner for months now, either Urban Decays "Perversion" for a smudgy look, or Stila "Stay All Day" liner for a more precise flick. I want to step away from black for a while so picked up two of Rimmel Soft Kohl pencils, one a warm brown and one navy blue. I've had these pencils before and I really get along with them, they go on well without pulling your eyelids and they smudge easily for messy or smoky looks.

Face: I am a huge fan of YSL Touche Eclat, but I haven't had one in quite some time so thought I would give a (much) more affordable alternative a go. I had heard greats reviews of the Lo'real Lumi Magique online and I'm impressed with it so far. I've been using it on my cheek bones in place of my usual Nars highlighter.

Nails: Nails Inc recently released their "The New White" collection, it includes four shades, all white based with a hint of colour to them -my favourite being Iced Mint. When I came across this pale blue Barry M polish in "Eat My Dust", it reminded me a lot of the collection. I haven't tried it out yet but am looking forward to doing so, it's also a quick dry formula so I'm interested to see how fast it dries. All too often do I paint my nails only to smudge them when I can't sit still for long enough.

Do you update your make-up bags according to season? I have to admit I normally forget to but might do it more often now!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

This week two very exciting things happened, Spring finally arrived and with it brought lots of sunshine and temperatures high enough to leave the house without a coat. Also a solar eclipse, we were so lucky with where we are, we had blue sky and no clouds -it was amazing to see. I've had a lovely weekend and it's ended with the perfect Sunday, leaving me very happy and looking forward to a new weeks starting tomorrow. 

1. Sunday nights at home with a great film -Guardians of the Galaxy, great food -a roast dinner, and a little treat in the form of some freshly baked cookies. Such a perfect evening.

2. We haven't really done all that much to our garden since moving in, we cleared out a lot of the weeds and gave it a tidy up mostly because we didn't know what we wanted to do with it. Now that we've come into Spring we've found that there are little flowers popping up and it so lovely to see. The purple ones above were the first to open up and I think they're my favourites :)

3. Picking up some new make-up bits for Spring, I thought it was time for a refresh of my make-up bag.

4. We have a few birthday coming up in April and we've been planning and ordering gifts for them. I love when the arrive and I can get al excited about wrapping them up -I love wrapping way too much!

5. Spending a grey Tuesday afternoon snapping some pictures of my new baby niece. She is a natural already at the ripe old age of 3 weeks.

6. Finally getting round to using Spotify. People have been telling me to use it for so long now and I finally got around to it on Friday. So glad I did, I've rediscovered so many songs I love!

7. Shopping for ribbon, I could do it for hours. There are so many choices and if I had the space I'd have them all!

Have a great week everyone :)


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Love: Stripes

A few days ago I was sorting through my clothes -having a tidy up and clear out that I tend to do every once in a while. In a moment of absolute shock I realised I only have two stripe tops left in my entire wardrobe! This amazed me, I've gone from being someone that is constantly dressed looking something like a French Mime to having very little at all that's striped except a long sleeved t-shirt and the jumper I'm wearing as I write this. This is down to a few clear outs we've had recently, getting rid of old clothes or bits that n longer fit -I think this means its time for some shopping and some re-stocking of stripe basics!

My love (obsession) with stripes doesn't end with my wardrobe, I love them in everything from accessories to home decor. There are very striking and they can make such a huge impact, however you like to incorporate them. As my life is currently lacking in the stripe department I thought I would spend sometime on Pinterest to get my fill and these are some of my favourites :)



Home Decor

All images are from Pinterest :)

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{someone wanted a cuddle}

Today has been Mothers Day, in the UK at least -I'm told it's different in the states, so we have spent it with our wonderful mothers. It's basically been a day of lots of tea, flowers, gifts, and chatting, a very pleasant day all round really. If your a mum I hope you've had a perfect day and that you've been thoroughly treated by everyone! The rest of this week has been pretty standard, a busy week into a chilled weekend with a little baking and lots of shopping, my two love in life (apart from Paul of course!).

1. A Saturday night spent trying to learn how to "hand vogue" after finding a video online of two girls doing it at the most unbelievable speed you wouldn't believe it possible! It seems like the most difficult thing in the world to learn but is actually quite simple -once you eventually get the hang of it.

2. Deciding on a Friday night that we deserve a take away for dinner and then proceeding to go and collect said take away in our pyjamas. What would we do without the good ol' drive through, I ask you??

3. Paul kissing me on the forehead and telling me "he's proud of me". He makes me feel so special and happy even when I'm feeling low, he's always there to cheer me right up :)

4. The smell of vanilla chai tea in our tea/coffee cupboard. It's the first thing you smell when you open the door and I am loving it, I'm tempted to leave a few tea-bags in the box just so the smell lasts.

5. Tuesday was spent in Edinburgh running from one thing to the next but it was hard to ignore how stunningly beautiful the day was. I was all wrapped up in a Parka and scarf that to be honest I could have done without! All I really wanted to do was to stop for a coffee with a window seat and watch the sunny afternoon go by.

6. For a whole week now I have had the same nail polish on -that is some kind of miracle!! It's been through a whole 7 days worth of work, dirty dishes, baking and still it's survived...glitter polish is seriously strong.

7. A gift from my grandmother for helping to decorate her living room, a lovely big "Great British Bake Off" baking tray, I already have plans for Easter cookies and tray bakes! Very kind of her indeed.


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Technology Dependence

Last night I had two of the most stressful hours I've had in a long time! I don't update my iPhone nearly as often as I should (much to the dismay of Paul) mainly because I constantly forget to do it. Last night, after somehow remembering I thought I should do it before going to bed and also because as iTunes told hadn't been done since last August -oops! So after updating my laptop and backing my phone I hit "update iPhone" and that's where it all went horribly wrong! Half way through updating there was an error of some kind and not being the most tech savvy person out there I started panic and when I couldn't get my phone to come back on AT ALL, I started screaming for Paul to help. He always remains calm in these situations one, because he understands computers and all their goings on and two because being without a phone is no big deal to him.

Now...I realise that to many people that's no big deal at all, and in the grand scheme of stressful situations this doesn't really register very highly. But, immediately I thought "what would I do in the morning?" I wouldn't be able to wake up and check email, read texts, find out what was going on in the world from social media. I would then have to get ready and leave the house without a phone and that in it's self terrified me! I don't own a watch so would have no idea of the time, I wouldn't be able to contact anyone if needed, I know there are payphones but do you know all the numbers in your mobile? It made me feel that I would be naked somehow without it and I realised that can be an awful thing sometimes.

Paul, the genius he is got my phone back on (hooray) but when I woke up this morning I started to really think about how I felt last night and ask myself "is that something I should work on?". So I started to think of ways to help work on my complete and utter dependence on a gadget and have come up with two so far.

1- Start spending at least an hour a day without having it on, or at least having it on silent. My phone is always on and is always in my pocket or in my hand. If I have a spare five minutes or I'm waiting for someone you can bet I'll be on it so spending some of that spare time doing something like reading for example is a good thing.

2. Not to use it while having breakfast! While I'm eating breakfast I will normally be playing with my phone too. I am going to stop doing this and instead just sit and enjoy what I'm eating.

I would like to say I will start going out without it but that would be a lie, I just honestly feel safer having it with me and knowing that if I need it, it's there. I don't think it is a bad thing to always have your phone with you, that's just the world we live in now. But the feeling of having to have it there or feeling nervous at the thought of it not being isn't great.

How do you feel about your phone or other technology? Do you feel that your sometimes attached to it?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{a little reminder found while shopping}

The weather this week started off really bad, very wet and VERY windy, but towards the end its started to feel just that bit warmer and its left me with the feeling that Spring is well and truly on it's way. As much as I love the cold weather I'm looking forward to being able to go walking again without having to wear the contents of my wardrobe! I love walking, it's such a lovely form of exercise and very good for your heart and I haven't done nearly enough of it recently. 

1. After one of those busy weeks a completely plan free Saturday was a lovely treat. We even had an afternoon nap, I think my 4 year old self would be very proud!

2. Shopping on Friday with my mother-in-law and friend G. It was one of those days that was supposed to be a few hours in the morning to pick up a last minute outfit, but ended with us getting home at 7.30pm and all ordering Chinese food. A long day considering we left at 9am.

3. Our new Yankee Candle, we found it today while out shopping. I've been told its one of those rare ones that if you find you should immediately buy but I'm not sure if that's actually true. Its wonderful regardless and if your out and want to have a smell its Red Raspberry, that raspberry jam but not too sweet.

4. Noticing the difference after making a conscious effort to drink a lot more water. I used to drink much more than I do now but bad habits have taken over and I've not had nearly enough lately.

5. Our new gadget for telling you how much electricity your using. We have spent far too much time tuning things in the house on and off just to see how much power they use -honestly, the things that amuse us these days!

6. Planning lots of fun things for Spring, tasty things to try and make and possibly some fun DIY's. 

7. New Starbucks things! I love Starbucks cups and tumblers, probably more than I like their coffee, I picked up two new ones this week. A large mug with a cool spot design and a really big plastic tumbler for water (or other cold drinks), I find having something like that to remind you to drink really helps.

Happy Sunday :)


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Loving Lately

Lately I've had a few favourite things that I've been turning to most days, so I thought they were worth sharing with you. It has been so cold recently -we're talking toes falling off kind of cold, so these fluffy rainbow socks have become my best friends! They are so cosy and warm that they (and their matching but pink only friends) have literally been worn, washed and worn again. Plus, those colours could brighten up the darkest of days. I would love to leave a link for them but they're from Primark so I can't. To also help with the cold I've had my Starbucks flask in hand each and every times I've had to leave the house, but sorry Starbucks, it's mostly been filled with tea. I think someone needs to inform the weather that it's now March and it should be getting warmer -not colder!

My base make-up (when I've worn it) has been really simple, a little foundation and or concealer if needed and on my cheeks I've been counting on my favourite NYX blush in "Glow" to give me just that. I'm not sure if it's just the weather making my skin a little dull but this blush helps give me a lovely healthy finish to my cheeks. On my eyes has been my Naked palette, I can go for ages not wanting to use this palette and then all of a sudden its all I go to, the two shades I've used most are "Naked" with "Half Baked"  on top. Pomegranate Noir has been a scent I have loved for a long time, the hand wash was actually one of the very first things I ever tried from Jo Malone. Since being given a bottle for Christmas it's once again become the only perfume I want to wear and even though Christmas has past I'm still enjoying my limited edition bottle.

Rice cakes have always been a snack I like to have in the house, they are pretty much guilt free snacking and my favourite are always the savoury kind. We have been eating the Salt and Vinegar Snack-a-Jacks lately, I like to eat them with a little American Mustard on top.

What have you been loving lately?


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

First off, I'm sorry last weeks "Happy" post was missing -things have been so busy! It bothers me that when things get hectic this little place is one of the first things that get pushed to the side, I will do my very best to never let it happen again. So, lets do this one as "Made Me Happy The Past Two Weeks"...hope that's ok with you?

One huge thing that I have to mention before I jot down a few smaller moments of happy, is what has made me smile and not stop smiling this past weekend. After a long nine months I finally got to meet my beautiful best friend C's baby girl! She arrived this weekend and I cannot tell you the love and overwhelming joy I have felt since the minute I seen her lying on her mummy. She is a tiny little perfect bundle and I can't wait to watch her grow. It's her second child and I had completely forgotten how small they are when the arrive and how amazing it is to meet them after waiting for so long.

1. Two Sundays in a row of very tasty Sunday roasts -one eaten out and one home-made.

2. This weeks very rainy weekend. There is something that just brings me so much happiness in staying inside when it's pouring down outside.

3. The Rail Bridge (pictured above). From being a little girl I have always loved this bridge and I continue to love it now, there is just something about it that draws me in, and I love being under it when the trains go over. I know that sounds so odd but I really love the nose.

4. Not knowing what to cook for dinner and struggling for ideas, then Paul walks in at the perfect time and asks "shall we get take-away?" ...yes!

5.Those slow peaceful, time to relax mornings that are rare but so wonderful when they happen. Being able to sit and slowly enjoy a cup of tea instead of trying to gulp it down while applying make-up is pure joy :)

6. Our new living room rug, not only does it help make the room feel more cosy and homely it is ridiculously soft on your toes. So many times over the past week have we found ourselves standing on it wiggling our toes and giggling like children.

7. My obsession for making omelette's keeps growing! Until around six months ago I had never made one, now I'd consider myself an expert! -ok, maybe not, but I'm getting bloody good at it.

8. Late evening drives around the beautiful Edinburgh, for no other reason that to just drive. The city will always have my heart!
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