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Friday, 27 March 2015

DIY: Easter Spring Table Runner


I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Easter, it's full of pastels shades, pretty patterns and of course the obvious, egg shaped chocolate. As much as I love it I feel it's a holiday we neglect slightly in this house, we never have decorations or painted eggs on show, we really just celebrate by enjoying all the holiday related treats. This year however I want to change that, along with the fact that we never have a sit down Easter meal, so to start with and to incorporate both of these things I wanted to make a DIY table runner. Of course you can buy them but I think an Easter specific one can be quite hard to find, plus I love handmade elements around a home, and the rustic look of using the burlap material. Also this one isn't Easter specific so I plan on keeping out for the whole of Spring :)

It's a very simple design and using the burlap fabric lends its self to a more messy look so if things aren't too precise it won't matter all that much.

You will need:
A length of burlap material (will depend on you table).
Two length of ribbon, the same length as your burlap.
Tape measure .
Needle and thread.


To start with measure your table and cut your burlap to the size you want, our table is 110cm long so I used a 2m length of fabric so I had a decent drop on either end. Once you have your length cut your two pieces of ribbon to the same size and place them on top to find out exactly where you'd like them to be.

When you know where you want them you can start marking out with your chalk where you want to cut. I made small marks every four inches but this is entirely up to you. When you've made all your marks you can make small cuts, try to make them the same width as your ribbon. When you've finished making all your cuts you can weave your ribbon through. I measured mine out so that at each end of the runner, the end of the ribbon was underneath, I think it gives a neater finish.


After your ribbon is in place, make sure it hasn't twisted as you've been pulling it over and under through your fabric and check everything is laying flat. Now you want to make small stitches where the ribbon comes through the cuts -a colour of thread that won't show will be best, this is just to make sure everything stays in place over time. If you have any chalk marks remaining you can dust them off with your finger.


And that's it! I have to admit while this is a very simple project, but such a lovely addition to any table. The stitches can be a little time consuming, but on the plus side its very therapeutic, and you don't need many. I did also try this very a strong glue but the stitches do give a much neater look to the finished runner -glue can get a little messy!

I think our first Easter lunch will look lovely set out on this -now I just have to figure out what to make!

p.s chicks with glasses are optional


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