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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Love: Stripes

A few days ago I was sorting through my clothes -having a tidy up and clear out that I tend to do every once in a while. In a moment of absolute shock I realised I only have two stripe tops left in my entire wardrobe! This amazed me, I've gone from being someone that is constantly dressed looking something like a French Mime to having very little at all that's striped except a long sleeved t-shirt and the jumper I'm wearing as I write this. This is down to a few clear outs we've had recently, getting rid of old clothes or bits that n longer fit -I think this means its time for some shopping and some re-stocking of stripe basics!

My love (obsession) with stripes doesn't end with my wardrobe, I love them in everything from accessories to home decor. There are very striking and they can make such a huge impact, however you like to incorporate them. As my life is currently lacking in the stripe department I thought I would spend sometime on Pinterest to get my fill and these are some of my favourites :)



Home Decor

All images are from Pinterest :)

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