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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

First off, I'm sorry last weeks "Happy" post was missing -things have been so busy! It bothers me that when things get hectic this little place is one of the first things that get pushed to the side, I will do my very best to never let it happen again. So, lets do this one as "Made Me Happy The Past Two Weeks"...hope that's ok with you?

One huge thing that I have to mention before I jot down a few smaller moments of happy, is what has made me smile and not stop smiling this past weekend. After a long nine months I finally got to meet my beautiful best friend C's baby girl! She arrived this weekend and I cannot tell you the love and overwhelming joy I have felt since the minute I seen her lying on her mummy. She is a tiny little perfect bundle and I can't wait to watch her grow. It's her second child and I had completely forgotten how small they are when the arrive and how amazing it is to meet them after waiting for so long.

1. Two Sundays in a row of very tasty Sunday roasts -one eaten out and one home-made.

2. This weeks very rainy weekend. There is something that just brings me so much happiness in staying inside when it's pouring down outside.

3. The Rail Bridge (pictured above). From being a little girl I have always loved this bridge and I continue to love it now, there is just something about it that draws me in, and I love being under it when the trains go over. I know that sounds so odd but I really love the nose.

4. Not knowing what to cook for dinner and struggling for ideas, then Paul walks in at the perfect time and asks "shall we get take-away?" ...yes!

5.Those slow peaceful, time to relax mornings that are rare but so wonderful when they happen. Being able to sit and slowly enjoy a cup of tea instead of trying to gulp it down while applying make-up is pure joy :)

6. Our new living room rug, not only does it help make the room feel more cosy and homely it is ridiculously soft on your toes. So many times over the past week have we found ourselves standing on it wiggling our toes and giggling like children.

7. My obsession for making omelette's keeps growing! Until around six months ago I had never made one, now I'd consider myself an expert! -ok, maybe not, but I'm getting bloody good at it.

8. Late evening drives around the beautiful Edinburgh, for no other reason that to just drive. The city will always have my heart!

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