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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Made Me Happy This Week


Hello, have you had a nice Sunday? We've had a lovely day with our best friends. We turned up at their house early for breakfast -bacon rolls on a Sunday of course, and have had a lovely laughter filled day with the occasional cup of tea and triple chocolate muffin. We took look of pictures of our baby niece and chatted while she slept so all in all a very enjoyable Sunday. A perfect end to a lovely week, so lovely in fact that we are going to make it a Sunday thing.

1. My chicks with glasses (pictured above) have been making me smile all week long! I've never seen them with glasses and bow ties before so when I spotted them I had to bring them home with me.

2. We got our first Easter eggs this week! I love Easter, I always get a little over excited so had the biggest grin on my face when we were given them. I always like to keep my eggs until the big day, Paul however doesn't live by this rule and has already eaten 1 and 1/2 -he's going to have nothing left for Sunday at this rate.

3. Eating at our dinning table with our new Spring table runner, handmade by myself (here if you want to see). It's made me want to always have the table dressed for the season or a special occasion to make eating at it much more enjoyable.

4. Buying teenie tiny baby clothes for our little niece. Why is it that when thing are shrunken down to miniature they are too adorable to resist??

5. The 70's style that's everywhere at the moment, I love seeing it. The 1970's has to be one of my favourite decades for fashion.

6. My new super fluffy cosy house cardigan from my super thoughtful mum, It's a huge over sized hooded robe type thing and its even got ear. I think I could live forever more in pyjamas if it was acceptable.


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