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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{a little reminder found while shopping}

The weather this week started off really bad, very wet and VERY windy, but towards the end its started to feel just that bit warmer and its left me with the feeling that Spring is well and truly on it's way. As much as I love the cold weather I'm looking forward to being able to go walking again without having to wear the contents of my wardrobe! I love walking, it's such a lovely form of exercise and very good for your heart and I haven't done nearly enough of it recently. 

1. After one of those busy weeks a completely plan free Saturday was a lovely treat. We even had an afternoon nap, I think my 4 year old self would be very proud!

2. Shopping on Friday with my mother-in-law and friend G. It was one of those days that was supposed to be a few hours in the morning to pick up a last minute outfit, but ended with us getting home at 7.30pm and all ordering Chinese food. A long day considering we left at 9am.

3. Our new Yankee Candle, we found it today while out shopping. I've been told its one of those rare ones that if you find you should immediately buy but I'm not sure if that's actually true. Its wonderful regardless and if your out and want to have a smell its Red Raspberry, that raspberry jam but not too sweet.

4. Noticing the difference after making a conscious effort to drink a lot more water. I used to drink much more than I do now but bad habits have taken over and I've not had nearly enough lately.

5. Our new gadget for telling you how much electricity your using. We have spent far too much time tuning things in the house on and off just to see how much power they use -honestly, the things that amuse us these days!

6. Planning lots of fun things for Spring, tasty things to try and make and possibly some fun DIY's. 

7. New Starbucks things! I love Starbucks cups and tumblers, probably more than I like their coffee, I picked up two new ones this week. A large mug with a cool spot design and a really big plastic tumbler for water (or other cold drinks), I find having something like that to remind you to drink really helps.

Happy Sunday :)


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