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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Technology Dependence

Last night I had two of the most stressful hours I've had in a long time! I don't update my iPhone nearly as often as I should (much to the dismay of Paul) mainly because I constantly forget to do it. Last night, after somehow remembering I thought I should do it before going to bed and also because as iTunes told hadn't been done since last August -oops! So after updating my laptop and backing my phone I hit "update iPhone" and that's where it all went horribly wrong! Half way through updating there was an error of some kind and not being the most tech savvy person out there I started panic and when I couldn't get my phone to come back on AT ALL, I started screaming for Paul to help. He always remains calm in these situations one, because he understands computers and all their goings on and two because being without a phone is no big deal to him.

Now...I realise that to many people that's no big deal at all, and in the grand scheme of stressful situations this doesn't really register very highly. But, immediately I thought "what would I do in the morning?" I wouldn't be able to wake up and check email, read texts, find out what was going on in the world from social media. I would then have to get ready and leave the house without a phone and that in it's self terrified me! I don't own a watch so would have no idea of the time, I wouldn't be able to contact anyone if needed, I know there are payphones but do you know all the numbers in your mobile? It made me feel that I would be naked somehow without it and I realised that can be an awful thing sometimes.

Paul, the genius he is got my phone back on (hooray) but when I woke up this morning I started to really think about how I felt last night and ask myself "is that something I should work on?". So I started to think of ways to help work on my complete and utter dependence on a gadget and have come up with two so far.

1- Start spending at least an hour a day without having it on, or at least having it on silent. My phone is always on and is always in my pocket or in my hand. If I have a spare five minutes or I'm waiting for someone you can bet I'll be on it so spending some of that spare time doing something like reading for example is a good thing.

2. Not to use it while having breakfast! While I'm eating breakfast I will normally be playing with my phone too. I am going to stop doing this and instead just sit and enjoy what I'm eating.

I would like to say I will start going out without it but that would be a lie, I just honestly feel safer having it with me and knowing that if I need it, it's there. I don't think it is a bad thing to always have your phone with you, that's just the world we live in now. But the feeling of having to have it there or feeling nervous at the thought of it not being isn't great.

How do you feel about your phone or other technology? Do you feel that your sometimes attached to it?

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