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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Currently Loving: Skincare

My skins been relatively well behaved for the past couple of months (happy days!!), apart from the usual redness its been pretty good. I'm not putting this down to any one thing in particular as it's probably a little to do with the weather starting to warm up and the fact that we are eating much better than we were before the new year.

One thing I do think has helped however is going back to my old faithful cleanser -Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. Each and every time I'm drawn away from this product with big claims or shiny packaging I always feel the difference in my skin. I have had other cleansers that I liked and even some I've loved but for me, and my skin, this is best! It cleans my skin thoroughly without being harsh and leaving it feeling stripped, but at the same time it's very gentle on your skin, and if you have Rosacea as I do, you will be grateful for this. It's also the best product I've ever had for removing eye make-up, it removes every last bit without hurting your eyes.

I've been quite neglectful over the past few months with eye creams, when I ran out (I think August time -bad, I know?!) I just never got around to picking up a new one. I could blame the vast choice out there making the decision too hard but really I just kept forgetting. I picked up The Body Shops Vitamin E Eye Cream last week and so far I'm enjoying it, I've had the moisturiser before and loved it so I had I hopes for this. I can't claim to notice any major improvements in around 7 days but the skin around my eyes does feel softer and smoother than it did before. The cream is very light but very moisturising, it sinks in to your skin quickly and leaves no residue or tacky feeling behind so is a great one for using under make-up.

I've been making a conscious effort to try and moisturise the rest of my body daily, while I have to be honest and admit that just doesn't happen, I have been doing it every other day so not too bad. When we were in the middle of Winter and it was bitterly cold outside I was using body butters but as it's been warming up lately I've moved on to lighter but just as moisturising products. The one I've been using over and over again (which makes me sad as it's nearly all gone), is Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Body Cream. The Jo Malone creams are simply fantastic! For a start they smell amazing, and the take no time at all to sink in to your skin leaving it beautifully soft. As an added bonus they also feel very luxurious to use and look stunning sat on any dresser :)

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