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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

I read last week that the 5 day Easter weekend is the most popular time for any DIY or gardening to be done, we have definitely been making the most of our long weekend but not in the same way, not even close! Instead we've chosen to sleep late, make no plans and just see where the days go and it's been a lovely 4 days so far. Lots of relaxed morning and slow starts that you really appriciate when things have been busy lately. Today, we woke up and may have had a naughty breakfast of Easter eggs but then what are you really "eggspected" (I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it) to do on Easter Sunday? The rest of the day has been very relaxed and I made a pie for dinner with an Easter twist (you can see it here on Instagram if you'd like), the rest of the evening will more than likely be filled with more chocolate and a cup of tea...and maybe even a film or two :)

1. The weather today has been so perfect, so warm and sunny and not a cloud in the sky. We've at no point had to turn on the heating and we even sat in our extension with the door wide open letting in the warm air...Summer is definitely on the way!

2. Easter cupcakes, chocolate eggs, and a very tasty Easter dinner, well you have to make the most of the weekend don't you?

3. The sunny yellow daffodils that have slowly started popping up in the garden, they really brighten everything up, I'll be sad when they go.

4. The cupcakes I made this week (pictured above) have made me smile each time I've looked at them. They are my absolute favourite to make, I love the bunnies bottoms sticking up in the air.

5. Plugging my SD card into my laptop and it registering first time. My laptop seems to be giving up lately -I'm worried it's on it's last legs, its just giving me problem after problem so that was a plesant surprise when something actually worked.

6. My new BodyShop eyecream, it was a last minute purchase after realising I'd ran out but I'm loving it so far.

7. Getting freebies in Jo Malone. It's always nice when you get something for nothing but even better when they are miniature an in Jo Malone's beautiful packaging.

8. A home made Starbucks latte made specially for me by Paul, in my favourite cup and everything!

Happy Easter!

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  1. oh my goodness - those cupcakes! you are so talented, they're absolutely precious!
    especially those bunny bottomssss :)

    rachel x


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