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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{Edinburgh looking beautiful}

This weekend was a great end to this week, our best friends bought us tickets to a show. It was a completely last minute thing, they had been to see it on Thursday night and thought it was so funny they got us tickets for the Saturday show, and I'm so glad they did. Those spontaneous days out are always the best, no planning, just seeing where the days goes. I have to also mention the weather this past week, its been so warm that I have left the house a few time in jeans and t-shirts, I forgot what that was like! It has also however made me realise how little I have for the Summer months coming up so my best friend and I have arranged a little shopping trip to hopefully sort that out.

1. Finding new areas of Edinburgh that I haven't yet explored. We didn't have much time to have a proper look around but will be back really soon to try out some of the artisan coffee shops and do a little more exploring. Maybe even a little shopping?

2. Our apple tree is blossoming! I can't begin to explain the excitement I have this this happening. When I was very young we had a cherry tree in the garden and each spring I couldn't wait for the tiny pink flowers to start appearing. While it's not exactly the same I'm still very excited as these trees are our own :)

3. While chatting about the unseasonably warm weather this week, as you do, seeing as weather is the  main go to topic of conversation I was told two things. 1 -that the temperature here was hotter than in Greece at the time (which I find totally crazy) and 2 - that it's been double the temperature we would normally have for this time of year. What ever is going on it's putting a smile on my face, who doesn't love a little bit of blue sky and sunshine?

4. A cat that seems to think our garden is his garden, he's been making me laugh every sunny day we've had this week. At the bottom of our garden there's a large stone (just larger than a cat actually), the sun hits it first thing in the morning and like clockwork he arrives to lay against it every lunch time -I'm assuming its warm by then. He doesn't move once he's in his spot not matter what your doing in the garden and when you speak to him looks at you as if to say "can't you see I'm busy?".

5. Salted caramel popcorn! We discovered it while food shopping this week and it's become a favourite in this house already.

6. Saturday night pizza, and one of the best I've had in a long time! Made in a proper stone pizza oven it even had the tasty charred bits around the edges, we've already started talking about trips back for more.

7. New note pads, they come with so many possibilities!

8. Spending a quiet Monday wondering around the garden centre looking for pretty flowers for the garden, and enjoying some cake before we left.

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