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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Spring Summer Whites

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I am one of those people that if I even dare to wear white, all the stains of the world will seek me out, I will nearly always manage to spill, drop, sit in, or bump into something. You would think I'm a messy person but I'm really's the white I tell you, it's like some kind of magnet. It's always been a Spring Summer trend I love but because of the issues that come with it it's never been one I've fully embraced, stopping at a white t-shirt most of the time. This summer I'd like to get into whites a little more and be more adventurous than I have been in the past, and seeing as my wardrobe is seriously lacking in white I'm looking to pick up some new items. These are some of my favourite bits I found while spending far too long online window shopping, I love the white blazer, I could see that being worn so many different ways. And while the fringe backpack may not be practical it does combine two of my favourite things -suede and fringing! What do you think of the white trend?

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