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Friday, 29 May 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{found in Anthropologie, a tower of cheese}

I know all we seem to talk about here in Britain is the weather but brace yourself -because I'm about to do it now! What on earth is going on?? I was in Edinburgh for a couple of hours today and from leaving home until I got back I experienced (in no particular order) freezing wind, blistering heat and bright sunshine, rain, thunder and hailstones. Now tell me, what is the correct outfit for that madness, I honestly have no idea what to wear any more, I feel as if I need to leave the house with two wardrobe changes. I do actually love our weather though, I enjoy the fact that we get a little bit of everything...even if it's kind of all over the place at the moment. While I was out today I ordered my new glasses (long over due!) and I'm so excited to get them next week, I really should wear them more than I do, especially with all the time I spend on computers.

1. Britain's Got Talent's live semi finals have been on all week, I don't normally watch them but I've been home each night and I've been really enjoying them. Have you, do you have a favourite? I have to many to name but I am loving the dog acts...they are so cute!

2. The lovely girl I met before my last dental appointment who took the time to speak to me and try to calm me down, even though she was working. I am always so touched by the kindness of strangers. 

3. The Hotel Chocolat treats I'm nibbling away on at this very moment. I picked them up earlier today and they are very nearly gone.

4. My pastel purple and green sunglasses that I've been wearing all week. I got them last year and somehow forgot all about them.

5. Paul got a promotion at work this week so that's been making us both really happy. I'm so proud of him (proud fiancee here!)

6. Peonies have started popping up all over the place and I'm so please about that. I wish they were aloud from a little longer but I  will definitely make the most f them while they are here!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Topshop: 5 Years of Beauty

As I'm sure you will have heard by now, Topshop recently celebrated the 5 year anniversary of their beauty line with the release of their best selling products in limited edition packaging. I can't quite believe it's been 5 years, I remember when the range was launched and I went along to our nearest store to have a definitely doesn't feel that long ago! I try not to get sucked in by packaging (usually fail) but add that to the fact that these are my favourite products from Topshop's makeup line and well, I had no choice really did I?

Over the last few years I've become a huge fan of Topshop's nail polish, its very reasonably priced and the colour range is excellent. Two of my favourite pastel shades are "Parma Violet" and "Boy Next Door", so I when seen them released in the new rose gold packaging I was over the moon! The formula's are great too, they go on evenly and give you solid colour in two coats -they last pretty well too!

Topshops Glow highlighter in "Polished" is a cream formula and one I love for using in the summer time. It gives a slightly warmer finish that it looks like it would from the pot so I love it with the slight (sometimes not even noticeable) tan I get in summer. I apply it with my finger but you could buff some on with a fluffy brush, it's also not full of heavy glitter so a great one for day time use and you can always add that little bit more for evening looks if you wanted.

This last one, Topshop's lipstick in "Beguiled" has been a favourite of mine for such a long time but something I'd never had the courage to buy, due to the fact I never thought I could get away with a colour that dark. When it was released in the rose gold packaging I thought right, if I was going to try it, why not with the fancy packaging. I'm so glad I did!! I actually love the colour on, it's not one I see myself wearing in Summer so much but when we get to Autumn I think it will be my go to. It's also the first matte lipstick I've tried from Topshop and I'm very impressed with the formula. Some matte lipsticks I've tried before I find to be overly drying, making me always choose a more glossy finish but these aren't drying at all and the colour stays around for hours!


Friday, 22 May 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{I will miss those blossoms when they're gone}

I'm so excited that we've made it to Friday this week! Not because the weeks been difficult, in fact it's been rather lovely but tonight's plan's excite me greatly! This evening we have a little date night planned. we're off out into the city to have a tasty dinner at Jamie's Italian -a definite favourite of ours. Then we are going to see Derren Brown live, I have to say as excited as I am I'm also a little nervous -I'm never that person sitting there hoping to be chosen to take part or go on stage. Tomorrow we also have a busy day, but when we get home its Eurovision night! My friend and I have a tradition of watching it together every year, firstly because we love it but secondly everyone else we know, well...doesn't! I've whipped up a batch of cupcakes for the occasion so we have some sweet treats to enjoy -that's them above!

1. I was given a macaroon kit this week! Is it macaroon or macaron? I've always wanted to try and make them but assumed them to be too complicated. It seems easier with the kit now so I'm looking forward to giving them a go!

2. Finding the most amazing gladiator sandals in the Next online Kids section. I never have and issue finding shoes in my size and would never normally look in the Kids department but while online window shopping for my little niece I found then and was amazed they stocked such a wife range of sizes. They should be here today so fingers crossed they fit!

3. Food shopping! It makes me happy to come home and fill the fridge with tasty things, especially when it's been looking rather sad and empty for the last week.

4. Lyndsay at Fizzy Peaches new Sunday Link up. Its been so much fun to take part and find other blogs I enjoy. I'm looking forward to this weekends :)

5. Origins spot treatment, it's been a huge help this week!

6. Our living room lamps. We may be edging ever closer to summer and so we don't have the longest nights any more, but when it does get dark the light they give when we have them on together is perfect. It makes me even happier to sit in the living room.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Overcoming Fear: Tip On Dealing With Dental Phobia

A while ago now, at the beginning of January, I mentioned in a post (here) that I'd overcome a tiny part of a huge fear. I didn't mention what it was at the time and started to wonder if I actually would at all. Phobias can be funny things, what absolutely terrified one person doesn't bother another, so you can spend a lot of your time thinking "am I being silly?" "do people think I'm stupid for feeling this way?". But you aren't! If there's one thing I've learnt over the past few months it's that you should never feel silly for feeling how you do, we are all different and we all have things we can sometimes find hard, and we have to find our own ways of dealing with them. Mine was the dentist!

To start with I thought I'd explain my story a little to give you some background and hopefully get across just how frightened I was (if you'd rather not read it you can just skip to the bottom). My fear of the dentist was so great that up until January I hadn't been for around 10 years -I know, that's terrible! I stopped going when I was a younger and before I go any further I want to point out that I've never had any shocking traumatising experiences, I never even had any work done, every check-up, each time I went was fine -but I still remember being very anxious. Because of this I have always made a huge effort when cleaning my teeth, I'm always very careful...but I've since found out that doesn't always mean you won't need work done.

For the past couple of years it's really played on my mind that I should go have a check-up, register with a dentist and start going regularly but every time I thought it or Paul mentioned it I brushed it to the side and stupidly tried to forget it. Just before last Christmas I started to get a feeling in one of my teeth, mostly when I was eating sweet sugary things. I say a feeling because it wasn't painful but it wasn't there before so I knew I had to do something about it. I felt sick every day, from the minute I woke up I thought about it and so many things run through your mind. I had convinced myself I needed a filling, and then thought "oh god, what if it's worse?". The thought of having to go and set foot in a dentists office was the most terrifying thing to me and I didn't know what I was going to do but at the same time I knew I had no choice. I kept telling myself I would go in January so it didn't ruin Christmas because to me it was this huge thing, and it sounds crazy to say but I couldn't see how I was every going to do any of it. I tried to tell myself that people do it everyday and it's not a big deal, I've even seen Paul have fillings done in his lunch hour and go straight back to work!

As scared as I was, I made an appointment after the new year and I went along to have a check up. My first appointment was horrible, not because of anything that was happening to me because all they did was look in my mouth, and the staff couldn't have been nicer. It was just everything, the smell, the rooms, the tools, I couldn't speak when they asked me questions without my voice shaking from trying my best to hold back the tears. This was the tiny part of the huge fear I was referring to when I mentioned it in January. After leaving when my appointment was over I also started to feel like a complete fool especially when people said how proud they were of me for going. I couldn't understand why I was so worked up when nothing was done, nothing happened to make me feel that way -but then Phobias are never rational are they?! I then went back to have a scale and polish which went fine and was another step in the right direction but then I knew the next appointment was to have a filling done as at the check up I found out I needed a couple. It didn't go well, I wont talk you through the whole thing but there was just no way I could do it! I tried, I honestly did but it just wasn't going to happen. 

I then started to look for another dentist and after visiting a few I found one where I felt ok, I wasn't hoping for comfortable so ok was going to have to do. The dentist was amazing and for my first proper appointment after the consultation I managed to have a filling done -I was amazed! I put it all down to her and her being the perfect dentist for me. Flash forward to now and I can honestly say I look back and wonder how I could have let myself get into such a state. My fear was something I had built up in my mind completely on my own, it hadn't come from anything, there was no cause or reason for it and I'd made it worse by staying away. I'd let it reach such high levels that I could barely breath when going in to dentist office, and that was my own fault.

Tips On Dealing With Dental Phobia...

1. Find a practise and dentist you are comfortable with! I can't stress this point enough!! The first place I registered with was one Paul's been going to for years, in fact his mum,dad and brother all go there too. It wasn't somewhere I felt comfortable at all, when I was waiting to go in for my appointment I could feel myself getting more and more panicked so I knew it was never going to work. Before going I was told that if I had a dentist I felt comfortable with, it would make me feel better while I was there, but it's not only the dentist that matters the place is just as important and this is something I wasn't told. Everyone is different and you have to find a place that is right for you, not all practises are the same. Even if the work being carried out is exactly the same procedure in all practises if you are an anxious patient like me, the actual place it's self makes a huge difference to how you feel. If I'm sitting in a waiting room that's adding to my anxiety before my appointment has even begun, it's unlikely that I'm going to feel ok when I'm in the chair. It won't be the same for each person so I would suggest you visit a few places and meet with a few dentists until you find a place and person you feel comfortable with. I was a little worried about doing this as I didn't want to feel I was wasting any ones time but I never came across one who was unhappy with me doing so.

2. Work out what time of day is best for you for appointments. I kept being told that early morning appointments are best for anxious patients as you don't have time to worry too much before you go. This didn't work for me, I am an anxious person so feeling rushed in the morning made me feel so worked up before I'd even got to the dentist and that's not what you want. For me late afternoon is a much better time, I don't feel rushed and as it's later Paul is able to meet me after his work and knowing he's there helps a lot. So when making an appointment always choose the time of day that is going to be best for you.

3. Having someone with you. This is again different for everyone but if having someone with you is going to put you at ease then you should do it. The dentists are happy for you to bring someone in to either have sitting there for support or to even hold you hand. I usually have Paul with me but he stays in the waiting room, I was quite adamant at the beginning that I wanted to get used to going in by my self but if that's not going to work for you then bring a friend along.

4. Eat before hand!  This is a funny one and something I didn't think of until speaking to the dentist I'm with now. When you are worked up and anxious about situations such as the dentist you sometimes don't feel like eating before you go. But! I've since been told that avoiding food can actually make you feel a lot worse. I'm not exactly sure why but making sure you have breakfast or lunch before you go can make a big difference to how you feel -just make sure you brush your teeth after!

5. Think of a bribe. Think of something you really want, or somewhere you really want to go and focus on that! Obviously the main goal is having the work finished but there's nothing wrong with a little reward. Just keep telling yourself through your appointments "when this is over I can have ..." or "once I've had this filling done we can go..." you can fill in the blanks, but it helps give you something to look forward to and to take your mind off where you actually are.

6. Don't leave to long between appointments. If you have to go a few times for a few things, just get it over with. Pick the next available day and make the appointment, try not to think too much about things in between. The sooner it's over the sooner you can stop thinking abut it.

I know if you have no problem with the dentist you probably won't have even read this but I wanted to share my experience this year and possibly help anyone else who is or has been as scared as I was. It's a horrible phobia to have as it's one you can't ignore, but you can get past it. I can't say I enjoy going to the dentist, who actually does? But I can go now and that's the main thing :)


Friday, 15 May 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{This little fluff ball kept me company when I was feeling ill -I think she just wanted to stay in bed}

Apparently my time keeping skills are well, kind of rubbish at the moment -sorry! I try to be organised, have plans make lists but it's just not happening at the moment, leaving me feeling a little frustrated to say the least. I'm very pleased it's Friday! It's just been one of those weeks and as I've also felt quite unwell the last few days its not been the best, but we must focus on the positive and remember "it could be worse" so we shouldn't complain really and these posts definitely help with that. We don't have much planned this weekend but they can sometimes be the best ones, spontaneous plans that turn out to be the best memories...I'm looking forward to seeing what the next couple of days bring with them.

1. I've been told this week by a few people that this week has been (and still is) national doughnut week. Of course we had to do out bit to celebrate so we had a mid-week Krispy Kreme treat after dinner.

2. Paul being the sweetheart that he is and bringing me tea when I'm feeling ill.

3. Going downstairs each morning and being greeted by beautiful cherry blossoms in the back garden, the pretty pink flowers could brighten the dullest days.

4. On four separate occasions this week I've had strangers come up to me and tell me how much they like my hair - and I haven't had anything done to it. It's such a lovely thing when someone you don't know feels the urge to compliment you on something. It reminds me to do it more often.

5. Daisies. I know that by most people daisies are considered weeds and they remove them from their gardens, but I disagree! They are such happy little flowers and I love seeing them pop up -which they do over night, I swear they grow while I'm sleeping. Did you ever make daisy chains when you were little? I loved doing it, even though they never lasted all that long.

6. I found a recipe this week for making smores in a pan...something I am definitely going to try out soon.

Have a great weekend :)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

Well after me saying things would get back to normal after the last two weeks, another has gone by without much activity on here, I will get a handle on things I promise! I've also been thinking I'd like to move these "happy" posts to a Friday instead of a Sunday. When I started them, the idea was to help me enjoy Sundays a little more since I can sometimes find them a bit of a "blah" day, but as the weeks have gone on I've changed my mind. Now they seem like the kind of thing I'd like to go up on a Friday instead, so as of next week that's where they'll be! This week's been much like the last few, full of so many little things to do that you lose track of time, the weekend has been quite lovely though, we have eaten a lot of cookies and we helped my grandma decorate her living room -it's looking very stylish indeed!

1. Having my mums little dog to stay for the week, she is so sweet and affectionate I'll miss her when my mums home from her trip. All she wants to do is cuddle into you and any time you move to another room she follows you.

2. Late night laughing with my best friend. You know those times when you've maybe stayed up a little to late and your a little over tiered, and everything you say causes fits of giggles? Yes...Thursday night was on of those nights.

3. Long lazy Saturday mornings. It feels as if every weekend lately has been full of things that need to be done and that we can't stay in bed as long as we'd like but this weekend we could and let me tell was glorious!

4. Breakfast in bed on a Friday morning. Paul is such a sweetheart, and seeing as I was glued to the TV watching the election outcome he thought he would bring me some before leaving for work.

5. Helping to wrap presents. One of the things I really miss when it's no longer Christmas is all the wrapping, I love to wrap gifts for people. This week my friend did 60 gifts for her mums 60th birthday, such a sweet idea and it was so much fun to help.

6. Bacon and garlic pasta sauce. Sometimes the best meals are those you make when your trying to use up left overs in your fridge, Fridays dinner was one of those tasty meals. Bacon, garlic and tomatoes.... very tasty!

7. Getting absolutely soaked on Tuesday, which sounds like a bad thing. but then to come home to a cosy warm house and get into new pyjamas was wonderful.

8. As I'm typing this post I'm watching Elf...does anyone else watch Christmas films in May?

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{meatball sliders -as good at they look}

This week has been, in a word, wonderful! It really has! To start with the weather has been a little colder, while still sunny, so each time I've had to go out I've been able to wear my new coat (that I am completely in love with!) which puts a big smile on my face. There have been so many catch up over coffee and I've done so much baking you would think I'd be sick of it but, no, it makes me so happy...especially when things turn out perfectly. I made an Xbox one cake for a friends birthday -it was a proud moment indeed! Sadly none of the baking was for us but I did have some cookies in the freezer so we popped the in the oven on Friday night and had them with a cuppa :)

1. White chocolate covered Oreo cookies, the packet didn't last the weekend, but then sweet things rarely do in this house.

2. Painting garden furniture on sunny afternoons, with some music playing in the background and the occasional coffee break its a lovely way to spend a day.

3. Sunday night baths with some pamper products. Sunday is a day for relaxing after all.

4. My new Primark plimsolls. They are so comfortable and have not been off my feet since I got them, and you have to love a bargain. At £3 a pair who could complain?

5. Nando's at home is better than Nando's in the restaurant and I will tell yo why! When you collect Nando's on your way home you can have everything you have when you dine in, but with one huge exception...when you get home you can put pyjamas on. I'm pretty sure that they frown upon that in eating establishments.

6. Thinking of plans for my birthday, ok, it might not be until late June but we like to make a big deal of birthdays.

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