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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{meatball sliders -as good at they look}

This week has been, in a word, wonderful! It really has! To start with the weather has been a little colder, while still sunny, so each time I've had to go out I've been able to wear my new coat (that I am completely in love with!) which puts a big smile on my face. There have been so many catch up over coffee and I've done so much baking you would think I'd be sick of it but, no, it makes me so happy...especially when things turn out perfectly. I made an Xbox one cake for a friends birthday -it was a proud moment indeed! Sadly none of the baking was for us but I did have some cookies in the freezer so we popped the in the oven on Friday night and had them with a cuppa :)

1. White chocolate covered Oreo cookies, the packet didn't last the weekend, but then sweet things rarely do in this house.

2. Painting garden furniture on sunny afternoons, with some music playing in the background and the occasional coffee break its a lovely way to spend a day.

3. Sunday night baths with some pamper products. Sunday is a day for relaxing after all.

4. My new Primark plimsolls. They are so comfortable and have not been off my feet since I got them, and you have to love a bargain. At £3 a pair who could complain?

5. Nando's at home is better than Nando's in the restaurant and I will tell yo why! When you collect Nando's on your way home you can have everything you have when you dine in, but with one huge exception...when you get home you can put pyjamas on. I'm pretty sure that they frown upon that in eating establishments.

6. Thinking of plans for my birthday, ok, it might not be until late June but we like to make a big deal of birthdays.



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