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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

Well after me saying things would get back to normal after the last two weeks, another has gone by without much activity on here, I will get a handle on things I promise! I've also been thinking I'd like to move these "happy" posts to a Friday instead of a Sunday. When I started them, the idea was to help me enjoy Sundays a little more since I can sometimes find them a bit of a "blah" day, but as the weeks have gone on I've changed my mind. Now they seem like the kind of thing I'd like to go up on a Friday instead, so as of next week that's where they'll be! This week's been much like the last few, full of so many little things to do that you lose track of time, the weekend has been quite lovely though, we have eaten a lot of cookies and we helped my grandma decorate her living room -it's looking very stylish indeed!

1. Having my mums little dog to stay for the week, she is so sweet and affectionate I'll miss her when my mums home from her trip. All she wants to do is cuddle into you and any time you move to another room she follows you.

2. Late night laughing with my best friend. You know those times when you've maybe stayed up a little to late and your a little over tiered, and everything you say causes fits of giggles? Yes...Thursday night was on of those nights.

3. Long lazy Saturday mornings. It feels as if every weekend lately has been full of things that need to be done and that we can't stay in bed as long as we'd like but this weekend we could and let me tell was glorious!

4. Breakfast in bed on a Friday morning. Paul is such a sweetheart, and seeing as I was glued to the TV watching the election outcome he thought he would bring me some before leaving for work.

5. Helping to wrap presents. One of the things I really miss when it's no longer Christmas is all the wrapping, I love to wrap gifts for people. This week my friend did 60 gifts for her mums 60th birthday, such a sweet idea and it was so much fun to help.

6. Bacon and garlic pasta sauce. Sometimes the best meals are those you make when your trying to use up left overs in your fridge, Fridays dinner was one of those tasty meals. Bacon, garlic and tomatoes.... very tasty!

7. Getting absolutely soaked on Tuesday, which sounds like a bad thing. but then to come home to a cosy warm house and get into new pyjamas was wonderful.

8. As I'm typing this post I'm watching Elf...does anyone else watch Christmas films in May?


  1. I lovveee long lazy Saturday mornings as well - so good when one of those comes around! And your mums dog is so so cute!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. You definitely have to make the most of them when you get the chance, even better when brunch is involved :) xx


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