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Friday, 22 May 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{I will miss those blossoms when they're gone}

I'm so excited that we've made it to Friday this week! Not because the weeks been difficult, in fact it's been rather lovely but tonight's plan's excite me greatly! This evening we have a little date night planned. we're off out into the city to have a tasty dinner at Jamie's Italian -a definite favourite of ours. Then we are going to see Derren Brown live, I have to say as excited as I am I'm also a little nervous -I'm never that person sitting there hoping to be chosen to take part or go on stage. Tomorrow we also have a busy day, but when we get home its Eurovision night! My friend and I have a tradition of watching it together every year, firstly because we love it but secondly everyone else we know, well...doesn't! I've whipped up a batch of cupcakes for the occasion so we have some sweet treats to enjoy -that's them above!

1. I was given a macaroon kit this week! Is it macaroon or macaron? I've always wanted to try and make them but assumed them to be too complicated. It seems easier with the kit now so I'm looking forward to giving them a go!

2. Finding the most amazing gladiator sandals in the Next online Kids section. I never have and issue finding shoes in my size and would never normally look in the Kids department but while online window shopping for my little niece I found then and was amazed they stocked such a wife range of sizes. They should be here today so fingers crossed they fit!

3. Food shopping! It makes me happy to come home and fill the fridge with tasty things, especially when it's been looking rather sad and empty for the last week.

4. Lyndsay at Fizzy Peaches new Sunday Link up. Its been so much fun to take part and find other blogs I enjoy. I'm looking forward to this weekends :)

5. Origins spot treatment, it's been a huge help this week!

6. Our living room lamps. We may be edging ever closer to summer and so we don't have the longest nights any more, but when it does get dark the light they give when we have them on together is perfect. It makes me even happier to sit in the living room.


  1. I hope you had a good night at Derren Brown and at Jamie's.

    I found your blog via the linkup (I love it!).

    1. Hi Lisa, we did thanks! It was a really good night :) xx

  2. I hope you enjoyed your cakes which look delightful whilst watching Eurovision, which was fabulous this year!

    Good luck with the Macaroons baking.

    Food you via the Fizzy Peaches Sunday Link Up :)

    1. Oh we did, maybe had more than we should have too ...oops! Thanks Angela, I cant wait to give them a try :) xx

  3. Aaah, thats SO sweet of you to mention me in your list, thank you for linking up! Sorry I wasn't able to do a link-up this week, but it'll be back next week so I really hope you'll pop by again :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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