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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Topshop: 5 Years of Beauty

As I'm sure you will have heard by now, Topshop recently celebrated the 5 year anniversary of their beauty line with the release of their best selling products in limited edition packaging. I can't quite believe it's been 5 years, I remember when the range was launched and I went along to our nearest store to have a definitely doesn't feel that long ago! I try not to get sucked in by packaging (usually fail) but add that to the fact that these are my favourite products from Topshop's makeup line and well, I had no choice really did I?

Over the last few years I've become a huge fan of Topshop's nail polish, its very reasonably priced and the colour range is excellent. Two of my favourite pastel shades are "Parma Violet" and "Boy Next Door", so I when seen them released in the new rose gold packaging I was over the moon! The formula's are great too, they go on evenly and give you solid colour in two coats -they last pretty well too!

Topshops Glow highlighter in "Polished" is a cream formula and one I love for using in the summer time. It gives a slightly warmer finish that it looks like it would from the pot so I love it with the slight (sometimes not even noticeable) tan I get in summer. I apply it with my finger but you could buff some on with a fluffy brush, it's also not full of heavy glitter so a great one for day time use and you can always add that little bit more for evening looks if you wanted.

This last one, Topshop's lipstick in "Beguiled" has been a favourite of mine for such a long time but something I'd never had the courage to buy, due to the fact I never thought I could get away with a colour that dark. When it was released in the rose gold packaging I thought right, if I was going to try it, why not with the fancy packaging. I'm so glad I did!! I actually love the colour on, it's not one I see myself wearing in Summer so much but when we get to Autumn I think it will be my go to. It's also the first matte lipstick I've tried from Topshop and I'm very impressed with the formula. Some matte lipsticks I've tried before I find to be overly drying, making me always choose a more glossy finish but these aren't drying at all and the colour stays around for hours!


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