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Friday, 26 June 2015

Made Me Happy This Week: Birthday Edition

This week has been extra special and wonderful because on Thursday it was my birthday. We had the most amazing day! Paul surprised me and after a long drive (out of the country) we arrived in Alnwick, where we had a wonderful lunch in the most amazing restaurant I've ever seen! It was a treehouse, a full size restaurant built into the tree's! I am going to do a whole post with pictures to show just how beautiful it was, there were fairy lights everywhere and even a log fire. So this weeks "Made Me Happy" post is dedicated to my birthday :)

1. My amazingly tasty birthday cake that Paul made for me -from scratch! Paul doesn't really bake ever, apart from brownies, so the fact that he made me a cake, filled it with jam and butter cream then decorated it meant so much more than anything he could have bought. It tastes better too!

2. Breakfast in bed with a big cup of tea when I woke up, the best start to the day!

3. The 2 and a half hour drive to lunch, road trips -even the small ones, are so much fun! 

4. A free Nutella milkshake on our way home from Ed's Diner. You have to take advantage of your birthday freebies ;)

5. The most gorgeous gifts from very generous friends.

6. A new Jo Malone perfume from Paul that will now forever remind me of the day.

7. All the lovely birthday wishes from friends online and otherwise. 


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