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Friday, 5 June 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{"please can we stay in bed, just 5 more minutes?"}

It's Friday, how has that happened. I swear sometimes there aren't 7 days in a week. I have a very exciting night planned, a bath with lots of bubbles and maybe a face mask -we definitely live on the edge in this house! I'm also looking forward to our plan-less weekend, at the moment it looks as if it's going to consist of either lots of diy (and possible bbq buying) or lazy pyjama days with the possibility of some baking (I'm thinking these or these) and quite a few films. Hope you have a lovely one what ever you're doing :)

1. Spending a Wednesday evening stripping wallpaper in our extension! It wasn't my favourite -shall we say, and with the music loud and lots of laughing it was a very fun night.

2. Having Philip Kingsley Elasticizer back in my life, oh how I've missed it! It does such amazing things for my hair.

3. Laughing so much at my mums little dog and just how sweet she is. I left her alone for around 10 minutes and when I came back she brought me all of her toys one by one and them started to bring me socks from the laundry hamper...she does this all the time but it's usually just one thing. I asked a vet once why some dogs do it and she told me it's as if they are saying "hello, I'm so glad your's a gift!". It's honestly one of the most adorable things to see.

4. Iced lattes! They have returned to my life and I'm so glad for it. I've had two this week -it could have easily been 5 but I restrained myself.

5. Having a perfect catch up afternoon with my best friend who's been away for the past week. It was so lovely to see her and hear all about her trip to Italy.

6. I seem to have reverted back to childhood with my snacks this week which have mainly consisted of Babybell and Dairylea Dunkers. I don't even like Dairylea cheese but it's different somehow in those pots...or maybe it's just the sticks I like?

7. Having one of the most exciting conversations we've had in a while. Its just a conversation at the moment but I'm sure I'll share it all here if it becomes reality.


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