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Friday, 12 June 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

{enjoying the sunshine}

I've never been happier for a Friday night! I have spent the past two days painting old garden furniture so it looks all new and beautiful for some Summer BBQ's and time spent in the garden -I have to say it looks pretty damned good (if I do say so myself). Having said that I'm so glad it's done, when I say two days I mean two.whole.days! The rest of the weeks been pretty busy too so I'm so happy that after this post has been published I will be sitting down for some tasty enchiladas for dinner, maybe watching a film or two with Paul and a nice hot bath with bubbles -in other words, the perfect evening. It could be made that little bit more perfect with the addition of some baking but we'll see how things go.

1. Obviously our stylish new, freshly painted garden furniture...I thought it deserved a second mention.

2. Twinings vanilla chai lattes, they are perfection! They taste just like the kind you get in Starbucks and I'm loving having them at home, it makes me so sad the packet says limited edition -please keep them around Twinings!!

3. Look at that little face (in the picture above), I had to snap a photo quick so it's not perfect or anything special but I had to share it. If I thought she would have stayed put I would have taken a better one but she hates the camera and runs away most of the time I get one near her.

4. My new glasses, I am a little bit in love with them.

5. An afternoon in Princes Street Gardens, enjoying the sunshine and eating dried pineapple. If you've never tried it I recommend you do...its so sweet and tasty!

6. Sunshine and minimal make-up.

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