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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Summer Essentials

Summer has now officially begun so it's time to get organised with all those essentials for the upcoming months, they will different for everyone but I thought I'd share mine for some inspiration or ideas for new things. What are your summer must have's?

1- Summer Nail Colour. I'm very fickle with nail colour. I change all the time but blue is always a winner for me. Nail Inc 'Baker Street' is my go-to toe shade each year, it looks great with everything. I'm also loving the white trend that's around at the moment, these three Essie shades, new for this summer are ones I'll be keeping an eye out for. They are- Private Weekend, Salt Water Happy and Pret a Surfer. 

2- A Good Body Scrub! In summer we all have a little more skin on show and with it getting a lot more sun exposure it's a good idea to keep everything nice and smooth. One of my absolute favourites is the Rituals Fortune Scrub. Firstly it smells wonderful, sweet orange and cedar wood so it's a very uplifting scent, and secondly it works incredibly well.

3- Spf for Your Face. I try to always go for moisturiser and foundation with some spf for obvious reasons but in mid summer when the sun is hotter and harsher than normal I like to have the option for higher protection. I haven't had this Shiseido one in quite some time but I loved it and it was a great one for wearing with make-up. It also then gives you the option to wear an spf free product on top.

4- Bronzer. Even after a hot hot summer I'm never that tanned so my bronzer is never too heavy, I love this one from the Body Shop for an all over bronzy glow, and the shade range is great so even the fairest skin can use it.

5- Non-Greasy Spf. My main dislike of wearing sunscreen is the sticky greasy feeling your left with throughout the day. While that's not a huge issue when your lying on a beach, it's a pain for normal day-to-day so this Eucerin one is great. It's a spray oil that's clear and dries without any sticky residue, and it's spf 50!

6- Highlighter. I'd say I use highlighter more than I contour, and this year I discovered the Clinique Chubby Stick Highlighter and I love the ease of it. Just swipe it on your cheek bones and rub it with your finger. 

7- Waterproof Mascara. I always try to wear waterproof mascara in summer, I normally end up with some smudging under my eyes and so in summer when that has a much higher chance of happening I like to be safe. One of favourites which I need to pick up soon is Maybelline Colossal. 

8 & 9- Foot Care. I don't know about you but by the time summer roll's around my feet need some attention to get back to looking sandal ready. For a few years now my go to products for this have been the Body Shop's peppermint range, mainly the scrub and the intensive foot rescue. Both are amazing and together leave your feet looking lovely and feeling super soft. 

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