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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hair Care Tips: For Long Hair

care tips for long hair

I forgot sometime just how long my hair is until I catch a glimpse of it in a mirror, or see it in photo and because it's so long now I try to take as much care of it as I possibly can. Until around 5 years ago it had always been somewhere around shoulder length, then I made the decision to let it grow (bet you cant say those words without singing...can you?) -this was for two reasons. 1 because I'd always wanted really long hair but never got the chance with all the colour and style changing I did through my teens and 2, I'm not found of going to the hairdressers! I know most people enjoy it but I don't, I feel that I never found a stylist who would do just what I asked for so I kind of gave up trying and haven't had my hair cut in over 5 years!!

Because of that and as it grown longer I've found really great tips for looking after it and keeping in the best condition it can be, so thought I'd share them with you and hopefully they can help you in some way too :)

care tips for long hair
care tips for long hair


You have to brush your hair, obviously, of course you do...but standard brushes can be really quite harsh even pull and brake your hair. For years I thought that all brushes must be the same and "why waste money" on a special one -but I was wrong! Paul put one in my Christmas stocking last year and the difference it's made already it quite astonishing! I have less split ends and find that it doesn't pull out as much hair when you brush with it -it also doesn't hurt AT ALL when you brush out tugs and tangles. Even really bad backcombed and slept in it tangles!

Crocodile Clips:
I'm not exactly sure if that's what they're called but that's my name for them. I used to tie my hair up and twist it all ways in elastic bobbles when I wanted it out my face but they can serious damage your locks so I switched to these little things. You can pick them up for very little -mine usually come in a pack of four from Primark for £1, and do the job even better without the damage. 

Silk Pillow Case or Silk:
Silk is a lot more gentle on your hair than your normal cotton bedding so it's definitely something to consider if you feel it's something you could sleep on. You can find silk pillow cases online but they can be around £30 each in some cases and to be honest, a bit of silk from your local fabric store will do exactly that same thing...for a much better price.

care tips for long hair
care tips for long hair


This is a pricey product (great deals on QVC!!) but I've never found a more affordable alternative that does the job -it really is a stand alone product! I'm a HUGE fan of this stuff and I will not be without it now, from the first use it starts working and you do see the difference. If you've never heard of it, its a pre-shampoo treatment that restores elasticity to damaged hair. When your hair gets wet it should stretch, and when dry return to normal. If yours doesn't and it sometimes snaps then this stuff will solve your problems and improve your hairs condition

Conditioning Masques:
From time to time in place of my normal conditioner I'll use a more intensive treatment, one that you leave in for a while longer and let it do it's thing. My favourite masque is this TREsemme one but since I ran out I've been trying this new one from Dove. So far I like it, my hair feels soft, smooth and conditioned but if I'm honest I don't like the smell. It's not a bad smell, but scent is so personal that no brand is ever going to get it 100% right for everyone.

Leave in Conditioners / Heat Protectors:
I've put these together as my go to for years now has been the Aussie "Take The Heat" Leave in Conditioner. After I towel dry my hair I spray this through from mid-lengths to ends before drying. Protection from heat and lasting conditioner in one :)

care tips for long hair


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