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Friday, 10 July 2015

Made Me Happy This week

made me happy this week
{I love these details in our living room}

1. On Monday my brother and I went berry picking, and I came away with nearly 2 kilo's of raspberries - I know, I went a little overboard but I do love them! It was such a great afternoon and we've both been busy trialing recipes out with our berry hauls all week - a couple that will be up here really soon so if you like raspberries be sure to pop back :)

2. My peonies that are still hanging in there, they may be starting to look a little sad now but they still have a few days in them.

3. My first ever attempt at ice-cream was a success! I've never been much of an ice-cream fan but making it our self at home has definitely converted me.

4. Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers as a mid week treat but eaten in a very specific way -each end bitten off, then used as a straw to suck tea through then quickly eaten while soft. Trust me, it's the only way they should be eaten!

5. Home deliveries, there's been a couple this week. Getting a package be it clothes, home good or the most random of things makes me so happy. A dangerous habit I know!

6. Paul having Friday off as he has to work a whole day on Saturday -rubbish! But if I'm being honest I much prefer Fridays to Saturday so it's not all bad.

7. Mash with butter, is there anything better to eat on a rainy evening I ask you?

8. The fact that I'm feeling super organised at the moment so I'm trying to ride that wave and get as much done as is possible for me to do, including some DIY and wardrobe clear outs.

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