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Friday, 24 July 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

It's raining right now -and it's heavy, I've honestly no idea where summers gone, or if it even started to be honest but we make the best of it don't we. However...this evening I couldn't be happier that the grey rainy outside is making me want to sit in bed with tea in my pyjamas because it's the final of Celebrity Master Chef! I don't think I've ever mentioned my love for this show but it's real, almost as much as my love for The Bake Off (which is back on again soon *happy dance), so the fact that it's my only real plans for this evening makes me very happy indeed. Bring on the weekend!

1. Paul saved me his last Oreo, and he loves his Oreos -he's such a sweetheart.

2. Earlier this week I got to introduce my best friend to the world of blogging, I love that I now have someone else in my life to share my love of this world with :)

3. My Friday afternoon started with a massive order arriving from Asos. I love when you order clothes, it's so much more fun trying things on at home.

4. Watching my little niece at her swimming lesson at the beginning of the week. She's so good! It's amazing to see her do these things, I don't think I'll ever stop comparing her to the tiny thing my best friend brought home from the hospital a few years ago.

5. Finding so many things I've loved reading online this week -I'm thinking of starting a "links I love" kind of series as a way of sharing them...what do you think?

6. Rainbows. I've seen three this week and I'm pretty sure I've never seen that many in the space of a few days before. So pretty :)

Have a great weekend everyone :) 

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