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Sunday, 12 July 2015


{"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content"}

Is there anything better than a Sunday spend relaxing exactly as you'd like? For me it's one of the best ways to spend a day and round of a week rather nicely. Today's been one of those perfect Sundays, this is what I've been up to...

*A bacon roll and fresh pot of coffee for breakfast, a treat best saved for Sundays in my opinion.

*Watching Lord of the Rings with Paul, not them all as we haven't quite had time for that -how many hours in total?

*Painting my nails. Sundays always a good to do that, for me anyway. I find more times than not, that I'll try to do it quickly throughout the week and I never give it long enough to dry. Resulting in smudged nails and nail polish over'd think I'd have learnt for the past 100 times it's happened but no.

*Reading some of my Elle magazine, I picked it up a few days ago but it's taken until today to actually get to read some.

*Making yet another batch of ice-cream (the recipe will be up here this coming week), not because I keep getting it wrong but because the batches just don't last long enough -it's bloody good stuff!

Tonight will more than likely be spent having a tasty dinner (I'm thinking chilli con carne), catching up on blog posts and watching the latest episode of Human. We're addicted, and Gemma Chan is excellent in it -she plays a robot very well!

How are you spending your Sunday?


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