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Monday, 24 August 2015

A Little Catch Up

It's been a little quite around here lately, not at all planned and my own silly fault. I'm not the most technically minded person so when things go wrong in that area -well, lets just say it's mission to try and fix my mistake. That paired with the fact that I completely over booked my week and left myself very little time to get everything done left this little space sadly neglected. A couple of posts that didn't make it up last week will hopefully be up this week or next, and as I've now made sure this week is a little less crammed full than the last, I can catch up on all the blog posts in my feed. If you have anything you've written or have found any you have loved lately pleased link them for me to have a read :)

So, since I missed my "Happy" post last Friday I thought I'd share some things just now that have been really quite lovely over the last week or so. First of all, our coffee table finally arrived! I say finally because we've actually been waiting for over two months, but it's here now and more perfect that we thought it would be. I can't wait for the longer, colder nights so we can cover it with cheese and crackers and cuddle up with a film.

If I've never mentioned it before (I'm pretty sure I have a 1000 times), we love the holidays like Halloween and Christmas, and the rest, we get so excited, some would say over excited. While Paul and I were out last week we found Halloween decorations everywhere -actual squeals could be heard! Then when we found Christmas chocolate, well -I'm pretty sure only dogs could hear me. We've planned our outfits for Halloween this year and it's safe to say I'm very impressed with what we've come up with -I hope they turn out as well as we've planned.

The weather at the weekend was so warm and beautiful that we wanted to make the most of it so had a picnic in our garden. We did think of going to a park or beach but sometimes it's nicer to stay home and make the most of your own outside space -plus, if you picnic at home you can set your food out on fancy platters.

What have you all been up to lately?


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