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Monday, 31 August 2015

My Top 5 Food Blogs

{Images are taken from blogs mentioned below}

I have to admit, as much as I love my recipe books I'm guilty of leaving them to gather dust and turning to the Internet when I want to make something, as I think most people are these days. But who could blame us?! There are so many amazing foodie blogs out there, and some of the best are written by people with absolutely no food background, they just cook what they like. One of my favourite things to do is scroll through food blogs, you get ideas of your own, you find recipes you just have to try and you find some of the most beautiful food photography -I'd love to be able to take food shots like some of those guys. I don't think I'll ever give up on my recipe books because sometimes it's nice to flip through pages, but I wanted to put together a list of my top 5 food blogs, ones I go back to time and time again and even though I haven't cooked from all of them -I just can't stop looking at the pictures.

I found this blog on Instagram, I found a picture of some amazing looking cookies (cookies always get me) and ended up on the blog soon after. Trine focuses on plant based recipes and uses all natural ingredients, even if this is something that isn't particularly important to you, you should still have a look. I made said cookies that drew me in and they were the most chewy delicious things I've ever eaten! Also her pictures are clean, simple and beautiful.

I've been in love with Smitten Kitchen for quit some time now after I found it one night when randomly searching for dinner ideas. Not only do I love that it's based in New York (I love New York!), I want to eat nearly everything that Deb puts up! Its all just really tasty home food -no fancy ingredients or things that you can never find in normal supermarkets. I've too many favourite recipes to mention one, but if your stuck for dinner she has a great "surprise me" feature that randomly picks out a recipe. 

Christi's blog is a new find for me, once again I was drawn in by cookies (...I may have a problem). While it's still a new find of mine she has some delicious looking sweet treats, Paul has already requested that I make her Reeses peanut butter chocolate layer cake. She also has a few dog friendly recipes on there too so perfect if you like to make treats for your pets.

Izy's blog has an amazing selection of sweet and savoury recipes, pretty much everything looks good and my list of things to make is out of control. A few weeks ago now we made her Sweet Potato Gnocchi and it was fantastic -even if ours didn't look quite as good as hers did. I'm pretty sure that's something that comes with practise.

The photography on Tieghans blog is nothing less than stunning, I would actually frame some of the shots and hang them around my house. Her recipes are so creative and her love of chocolate is something I most definitely appreciate. Her latest recipe to have gone up is one of my favourite things to eat -Mac n Cheese, and her caprese version looks and sounds too good to pass up. Even if you hate cooking but enjoy looking at food, I'd definitely recommend checking out Tieghans blog.  


  1. Well thats an hour of my afternoon gone browsing new blogs then.... ;)


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