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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Spa Time at Home

spa at home
spa at home
spa at home

I'm not someone who enjoys going to a spa, it's never really been my cup of tea (I'd rather have the cup of tea) and the odd time I've had a facial it's broken me out in a really bad way -so for me it's a waste of money. I'm also a real introverted home kind of girl, it's where I most enjoy being and where I feel most relaxed and comfortable. Also I can get quite a lot of redness in my skin so having to wander the streets after having a treatment that's possibly left me beetroot red isn't very relaxing.

While I don't like the spa or that whole side of things I do enjoy those treatments and treating myself and my skin every now and again. So I wanted to share some of the things I do at home and some of the products I use.

To start with I always like to have a bath usually with something wonderful and sparkly with many, many bubbles from Lush -or if I have any, a little Jo Malone bath oil. The bath oil makes the entire house small absolutely amazing for the next day or two so that's a little bonus. I tend to not use a face mask in the bath, I have it quite hot so they never set properly -it seems a bit of a waste of product. I never understand how people can read in the bath -everything gets wet?! I like to have the radio on or some music playing and to have a little play on Instagram. I know it's beyond silly to have your phone in the bath but I'm sure I'm not the only I??

After coming out of the bath and getting dried I like to use a really lovely body cream, again my favourite has to be Jo Malone but others I love are the body butters from The Body Shop, anything that feels beautiful and luxurious to apply. Then I'll slip into my comfiest pj's (try to find pretty ones and not Paul's old t-shirts) and pop a film on. Before it starts I'll apply my first face mask. I used to be under the impression that you could only use one, but after speaking to someone who knows their stuff on all things skincare they explained that sometimes it's better to use two -one after the other. So I like to start with one to either clear my skin or exfoliate, my go-to's are Origins Clear Improvements to clear my pores or Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel to take off any dead skin. The Elemis one isn't too bad but the Origins can be a little drying so I like to follow it with something nice and hydrating, one of my favourites are the Wei White Lotus Sheet Masks. 

Either the same night if I have time, or another night if I don't I like to do a little treatment for my feet -especially throughout summer when your toes are out for all to see most days. I have to admit though I let things slide throughout winter, something I'm going to make a big effort to change this year. We all know that feeling of "oh no" its summer and my feet need serious attention!!

My new favourite gadget for perfectly smooth feet is the Scholl Velvet Smooth Foot File. It takes any effort out of taking the hard skin off your feet and at the same time is so gentle -perfect! After taking off any little bits of hard skin I like to soak my feet for a while, for however long I have. My all time holy grail product for feet come from The Body Shop, if you haven't given their peppermint foot range a go, I urge you to try it! I use the foot soak and after, when my feet are nice and dry I use a generous amount of the Intensive Foot Rescue. I don't have those special spa socks for covering my moisturised feet so I just use a pair of trainer socks, they do the same thing I'm sure.

So that's some of what I like to do at home for some spa type time, it may not be the same as going to an actual spa but its just prefect for me. What are some of your favourite products for relaxing at home? I'd love to try some more :)

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  1. The treatment room should be maintained as lovely as the rest of The Shed, with the same calming Green & Spring fragrances filling the air, and a down-to-earth, homely feel about the place. With the lights dimmed and some relaxing music on before you walk in baths to have a massage.


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