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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Autumn Nail Shades

autumn nail colours

I only really switch up my nail colours twice a year, throughout spring and summer I'm constantly drawn to all the pastel shades that I come across -with the occasional bright, but around this time of year I start to lean more towards the darker tones. These are five of my favourite colours for the colder months and while they vary from brand to brand each year I always like to have a dark blue, a pinky red, deep purple and two neutrals. I feel like these cover me for most occasions and if you decide on a small group of polishes it's makes the decision of "what colour do I paint my nails?" much much easier.

autumn nail colours

My two more neutral shades look quite similar on camera but they do dry every different on your nails. Tanya Burrs "Penguin Chic" is a beautiful cool toned light grey and dries slightly lighter than it looks in the bottle. Barry M's "Cappucino" is my darker neutral, it's quite a bit warmer that "Penguin Chic" and has more brown and purple too it. Both stunning colours and both look beautiful on the nails.

autumn nail colours

My dark blue at the moment is a Nails Inc shade which I don't think you can buy on it's own. It's "Night Sky" and it was part of the Alexa Edit around Christmas time -I got mine in a set. They do have a very similar shade that you can buy though called "Prince Arthur Road" -it's just as lovely.

autumn nail colours

My deep purple shade is another Tanya Burr polish called "New York Night" and is one of my very favourite purple polishes, I wore it so much last year and I think I will be again this year too. It also makes a great toe colour! There's also a Rimmel polish I love that's similar and have worn for years called "Black Cherry".

My pinky red is the only pinky red I've ever really worn and that's because it's perfect! Barry M's "Raspberry" is my go-to for that kind of colour, it dries darker on your nails that it look in the picture and is such a beautiful winter shade.

I know we're not quite there yet so sorry to those of you who are still clinging on to the last bits of summer but my head and heart have well and truly moved onto autumn now :)

What are your favourite shades for the colder weather?

autumn nail colours



  1. Great post! Thanks for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite things blog hop.


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