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Friday, 25 September 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

made me happy this week

I've spent this entire week trying my best to fight of a cold -of which I'm pretty sure the full force has still to hit! Paul came home from work last Thursday, feeling a little stuffy and by Friday morning he had a full blown cold. All week I've been using home remedies I found online, lots of orange juice and green and orange vegetable where the main suggestions I came across -plus lots and lots of black tea with lemon and honey. I thought I was doing so well and suffering from not even a sniff until Tuesday night when I started to feel it, by Wednesday morning it was definitely on it's way so I had to turn to the Night Nurse. The past few days I've managed to keep it at bay but I think I've been beaten now, so this weekend may well be spent in bed with blankets and hot water bottles.

1. Perfect lattes and colourful place mats, a different shade for each place at the table.

2. This week the days are ending much earlier than they were last week, it makes me so happy when the sun starts to go down at 7.30pm

3. New coffees! I'm not one for instant coffee, I don't really rate many of them but Douwe Egberts is one I do enjoy and they have new flavoured varieties -I've only tried the hazelnut so far but its really rather good. And a good alternative if you want that caffeine hit but really don't feel like getting all the coffee equipment out.

4. Paul finishing work late and bringing home chinese food.

5. Toasty warm baths on cold evenings, followed by sofa blankets and tea.

6. This week seemed like the perfect week for apple and blackberry crumble, I'm sure the recipe will find it's way up here soon.

7. Reading all the "I love Autumn" posts that have been all over the blogging world this week. It's so nice to hear whats making everyone happy.

Have a good weekend everyone :)


  1. Ohh yum, crumble is ideal! I do like the darker evenings, I just want them to stay like they are now - hate it when they get dark at like 3pm!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Most people I know hate that too, I'm the odd one out -I love it when its dark that early hehe. xx

  2. This list is so cute. I too love reading posts about autumn-that's actually what reminded me that it's really autumn and it's time for blankets and hot cocoa. Great post.


    1. Thank Leja, that's really sweet of you to say. I'm so happy its blankets and hot cocoa time again :) xx


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