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Friday, 2 October 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

made me happy this week

It's October!! How on earth has that happened? The mind boggles, but it's left me feeling ridiculously happy this week. There's so much to be looking forward to, for some reason this time of year always seems to be much busier than the rest, we have many more plans and I'm just so excited by all of it. Honestly, the last three months of the year are definitely my favourite! Also, while it's still quite warm during the day, later in the evening it's definitely getting cold, meaning I can once again wear my favourite sweater (pictured above)! It was a complete bargain in a River Island sale two or three years ago now so the minute I found it, I snapped it up.

1. So many deliveries! I love having things delivered to the house and we've had about 6 things week. I get so excited opening them, even though I know exactly what the contents will be as I ordered and paid for it. Honestly you'd' think they were gifts or something.

2. A tiny little Yankee Candle I was given by Paul's mum as a thank you for making a cake. I love the tiny Yankee Candles -they're so cute and because it's in a summery orange scent its just enough to see us through the rest of this Indian summer we seem to still be having.

3. Walks in the park surrounded by the most beautiful autumnal trees. I was absolutely devastated that I forgot to bring my camera with me (bad blogger!) as I could have got some beautiful shots, but I'm sure we'll be back soon.

4. Looking at bathroom tiles. It's funny what seemingly mundane tasks become really quite fun when you have your own house to decorate.

5. The super moon, did you see it? I set an alarm for 3am to wake up and see what was going on and from where we are it looked quite small, but still fun to see anyway.

6. Huge ASOS orders of things you're absolutely sure will look awful on you that actually turn out to be really rather lovely. I even ordered a pair of pewter brogues that are quite different from me but I think I might keep so I'm sure they'll make an appearance here soon if I do.

7. The house being all clean and tidy. I try to keep things tidy most of the time but I can't lie, things can sometimes get away from me. But those days where the whole house has been cleaned and there are no dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and clean bedding has been put on just really please me.

8. My long time love affair with white chocolate Kinder Bueno's has been rekindled this week, they are a lovely little treat with a cup of tea.

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