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Friday, 20 November 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

It's another weekend and I'm rather excited about it to be honest. It not been a long week, but a week where it's felt as if Paul and I have kept missing each other so I'm looking forward to us spending the whole weekend together. We don't have any real plans but I feel a nice lunch out and maybe a few DVDs at home are in order! Also maybe some food shopping as the cupboards are kind of bare -not good!

1. The joy you feel coming home and getting changed out of soaking wet clothes, after getting caught in one almighty downpour. Getting into warm over sized hoodies and leggings is perfection!

2. Porridge, porridge and more porridge. It would seem that's all I eat for breakfast when the cold weather sets in, and I have 3 favourite ways to serve it -recipes will be up here soon!

3. Long phone calls with my grandma, she's a funny one when she gets going.

4. Quick afternoon shopping trips with my little brother to look for Christmas desserts, a nice way to catch up too.

5. Online shopping for the perfect Christmas jumper. I've narrowed it down to two and am seriously trying to resist the urge to buy both. Or do I need both..?

6. Mini Milky Ways. I'm pretty sure it's left over Halloween stock in the supermarkets but I picked up a bag last week and they've been the perfect tiny treat for when my sweet tooth craves something.

7. The hilarious things my mum tells me on the phone, always the most random of things. The latest, because of this advert, is that she's quite like a tiny horse.

8. Finishing off my gift guide posts -honestly some of my favourite to do! Also very dangerous as my personal Christmas wish list ends up growing to enormous proportions...oops.

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