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Monday, 7 December 2015

A Little Catch Up and Some Recent Favourites

recent favourites
recent favourites

When things get really busy and I run out of time to catch up on regular blog reads, I start to feel like I'm missing old friends and that we need to sit down and have a good ol' proper catch up over a nice cup of tea. So, that's what I thought we'd do to kick of the week and this rather wet and miserable Monday. I have my tea, feel free to get one too -maybe even something nice for breakfast, or a cookie seeing as it's Christmas, and lets have a catch up. And while we're catching up I thought it'd be a good time to share some things I've been loving recently too.

So how have you been, I hope your doing well?

Are you all set for Christmas? Have you finished your gift shopping? We're pretty much done to be honest, we have one or two small things to pick up but that's all -apart from the hampers. We make these each year but seeing as they're full of home-baked goodies we have to wait until one or two days before Christmas to make everything, or our friends and family would be opening bags of stale cookies.

One thing that kept us pretty busy last week was our extension, it's basically been used as storage since just after last Christmas, we wanted to get it finished and tidy so it's a nice place to sit and eat dinner this year. We've fixed walls, plastered, sanded and painted and now it just needs a good tidy up. While it's staying white until after the new year, at least it'll be bright, clean and tidy. 

When we have had time to sit and watch a couple of episodes of New Girl (I have no idea why we stopped watching that show when it started) you will have found me in Christmas pyjamas and my new favourite thing at the moment -my teddy bear socks! These were an amazing find while wondering through Primark to pick up hair clips, I even picked a pair up a pair for my mum as an extra little Christmas gift. They're so soft and cosy inside, and my feet have lived in them since I got them home -I also think they're bloody adorable and for £5 you can't complain.

I think I could also do with picking up another pair of Christmas pyjamas, because if I don't, my set from Next last year is going to start looking very worn and a little sad. I do love them though, the snowman top is an over sized sweater and is so soft and warm.

I know I've mentioned this tea before but as it's fast becoming all I drink I thought it only fair to include it here too. Snowball has to be my favourite from the three I ordered -they're all excellent but this one wins hands down for me. 

So, I'm hoping to spend my evenings this week catching up on all the posts I've missed, and reading all the starts to Blogmas I need to catch up on. If you have any great posts you've read or written lately I'd love it if you would link them below, or tweet me here

I'm now going to get ready to go and buy a microwave and kitchen bin -very exciting indeed.

recent favourites



  1. I feel exactly the same way! I haven't been able to keep my routing going with my blog that much these days because of work and the holidays coming up, but I'm hoping to get back on track soon! :)
    xoxo Erika

    1. It can be hard to stay organised can't it! Christmas is a busy time though so we do all have an excuse :) xx


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